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May 8, 2022

Restoration between Mothers and Daughters: An Interview with My Mom

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Moms sacrifice so much to make us the people we are today.  It’s easy for us to remember their role in our stories, but sometimes we forget (I know at least I do) to remember our moms’ stories – where they have come from and what they have had to overcome.

I wanted to take time on Mother’s Day to remember my mom’s story and the role she has played in my own restoration.  I also wanted today’s interview to be an invitation to you and your mom as well – instead of staying stuck in hurtful patterns and dynamics from the past, you can both learn to walk a whole new path as you remember, offer grace, and restore and rebuild together.

To begin a path of restoration with your mom, consider reading my book Restore: Remembering Life’s Hurts with the God Who Rebuilds, or download this free tool, Remember and Rebuild: A Guide for Praying Through the Past.  

Happy Mother’s Day!