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Free Tools

Available For You

How to Restore: A Season of Solitude, Rest, and Work

Restoration isn’t about abandoning routine; it’s about embracing a new routine, one that invites true rest.

This routine involves three very different but important elements:

  • Solitude
  • Rest
  • Work

In this FREE tool, learn how to cultivate all three elements in your life to allow restoration to occur.

Restorative Prayer

In this season of life, many of our familiar sources of stability and security have come tumbling down. If you’re anything like me, your heart is in need of some restoration.  Through prayer, God draws us to Himself, restores our hearts, and remains secure even when our circumstances are not. In this FREE prayer guide, you will find:

  • Six prompts to help you pray
  • Help to pinpoint the lies you believe and the truth you need to receive
  • Scripture to guide you along the way
  • A template for you to use on your own.

How To Turn Loss Into Gain

God desires to use the loss in our lives to produce great gain.

While that’s not always the news we want to hear, it’s the news we need to hear. I know at least I do.

Sometimes we need help to put words to all of our loss and process it through the lens of God’s faithful love.

So here is a free tool to help you do just that.

KNOWN: A Mother's Journey Through Psalm 139

The desire to be known, fully and authentically, is a desire embedded within every human heart.

Yet God’s knowledge of us is something we often push away instead of embrace, especially during the busy season of motherhood.

It is hard for us to believe someone fully knows, hears, sees, loves, and tenderly cares for our needs as moms in a season of life when we often feel overlooked and overwhelmed.

If you need to be reminded of God’s full knowledge and deep love of every detail of your life, join me in journeying through Psalm 139.

This PDF is a 31 day devotional.

Each day contains:

  • A short devotional thought
  • Questions to help you process what you have just read
  • A prayer and meditation to carry you throughout the day

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