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Available For You

Never for Nothing

with Susannah Baker

Susannah and her guests talk about living life through the lens of secure attachment to God through Jesus Christ. Through looking at patterns from the past and how they affect our present, their dialogue helps us to understand how everything God allows is there for a beautiful purpose. Our struggles and joys are never for nothing. God uses it all to draw us into deeper relationship with Himself.


You can find Never for Nothing each Tuesday at Apple Music, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and Susannah’s YouTube Channel.

Season 2

In Season Two, Susannah welcomes her husband Jason to the show! During these 8 episodes, they explore their journey through attachment styles, how they have given them a better understanding of the challenges married couples face, and how to become a safe and secure person for your spouse.

We introduce Susannah’s husband Jason to the show and give an overview of attachment styles.

Gas & A Match S2:E2 – Jason and Susannah discuss how insecure attachment styles play a part in conflict in marriage.

Jason S2:E3 – Jason discusses the patterns of the insecure-avoidantly attached spouse.

Jason’s Repair Work S2:E4 – Jason discusses what healing looked like for him and for the avoidantly attached spouse in marriage.

Susannah S2:E5 – Susannah and Jason discuss the patterns of the insecure-anxiously attached spouse.

 Susannah’s Repair Work S2:E6 – Susannah discusses what healing looked like for her and for the anxiously attached spouse in marriage.

Becoming a Secure Spouse, Part I S2:E7 – Susannah and Jason discuss what becoming a secure spouse looks like through the process of repair. While becoming a perfect spouse isn’t possible, become a safe space for your spouse is.

Becoming a Secure Spouse, Part 2 S2:E8 – Susannah and Jason discuss what becoming a secure spouse looks like through the process of breaking agreements with the enemy and moving towards truth with the Lord and with one another.

Season 1

In Season One, Susannah, her co-host Stephen Smith, and her friend Sarah Heinecke talk about secure and insecure attachment styles and how to use the tools of God’s Word, prayer, lament, and praise to move to a place of secure attachment in relationship to God and others.

Beginnings S1:E1 – Susannah and Sarah discuss how everything in our lives is never for nothing. God uses it all.

Looking For Someone S1:E2 – We look at what attachment styles are and why they are important.

Finding Your Style S1:E3 – We talk more in depth about how to identify your attachment style.

Days to Forget S1:E4 – Instead of forgetting our past, we have to learn to remember our past through the lens of God’s steadfast love.

Who’s Complaining Now? S1:E5 – In this episode, we talk about the tool of lamenting, how to lament, and how honesty before God helps to heal our souls.

I See a Pattern S1:E6 – We discuss how noticing dynamics and patterns of behavior with people in your present can help you heal from insecure attachment patterns from your past.

Pump The Brakes S1:E7 – Instead of doing what’s familiar, we rethink how we want to relate to people from a safe and secure space while becoming safe people ourselves.

Take The Pause S1:E8 – In this episode, we recap the tools God has given us to move to a place of secure attachment and how to practice pausing in non-triggering moments so we can stay secure in triggering moments.

The Grand Canyon S1:E9 (Season Finale) – In our season finale, Sarah, Stephen, and Susannah discuss the importance and discomfort of remembering and working on your story but the freedom and peace that comes from journeying towards earned secure attachment and a whole new place.