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July 11, 2016


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Sometimes we don’t run on our own two feet; sometimes we run on our knees.

That’s how I felt like running last Friday when I woke up and heard the news about the shooting in Dallas…and the shooting before that…and the shooting before that.

There really aren’t any good answers or any good new running techniques we need to adopt into our routine.  What we really need to do is shut our mouths, take off our shoes, and hit our knees.  Pray.  Call out to the God who holds the only answers in His Hands and and the message of the Gospel in His Heart.

I loved this image I saw on Ann Voskamp’s blog,  It seemed to say it all and say it well.


Would you commit with me each and every day this week…to pray?  Pray before you say anything in the heated dialogue.  Pray before you enter the race with your running shoes.  Pray before the feeling passes and you turn to start working on or thinking about other things.

Consider reaching out to a pastor on your church staff and asking if your church can call a special time of prayer for our nation and the victims and families of the shootings.  If praying at your church isn’t a possibility, consider gathering with one or two family members or friends this week and praying.  “For where two or three are gathered in My Name, there am I among them” (Matthew 18:20).

Monday – Pray for the comfort and healing of the hearts of the families of the victims who were shot.  Pray the injustice done to them would not be fuel for the fire for more injustice but would be a radical opportunity to forgive and experience the knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus Christ first hand.

Tuesday – Pray that the church would PRAY.  Pray that she would respond on her knees and reach out across any dividing lines to gather as one body in cities and towns around our country and pray.

Wednesday – Pray for healing in the hearts of law enforcement officers around our nation.  Pray for protection as they work to protect us, pray for conviction to act in wisdom, justice, and compassion in any and every situation, and pray for healing from loss and from any and all racial discrimination or hatred.

Thursday – Pray that the church would RESPOND.  Pray that where there has been racial hatred in our own hearts, we would seek forgiveness and reconciliation.  Pray that we would reach out to people who look, speak, and live differently than we do and be willing to love and sacrificially serve.

Friday – Pray for wisdom for our government leaders as they make decisions concerning our future welfare.  Pray that elections and bi-partisian politics would not control or steer the conversations or decision-making but humility, wisdom, and the fear of the Lord.

Saturday – Pray for healing and revival for our nation, beginning with healing and revival of your very own heart.  Pray that you would seek God through His Word and prayer, more than you ever have before, and the spark that is ignited in you would fan into flame an entire nation seeking His glory.

Prayer isn’t one thing we can do; it is the thing we can do.  

So put on your running shoes, hit your knees, and pray.  The miles we cover in prayer are the only way we will finish the race in front of us.