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July 31, 2015

Keeping It Real

Just to make sure you don’t get the wrong idea about our family from last night’s post – like we walk around with halos on comforting one another and holding hands all the time – I had to share with you yesterday’s classic moment.

Our third daughter, Caroline, is what you might call a firecracker. She was born with a voice and made sure she came out into the world using it. She can be oh so sweet but she can also be oh so spicy.

Yesterday after lunch, we were driving home, and our oldest daughter, Lillian, began to tell me how atrocious Caroline’s behavior was during lunch. Apparently, she had slammed her sister’s food on the floor, burst into tears multiple times, and was continuously demanding her own way (shocker).

But the whole time Lillian was telling me about how awful Caroline had been, I could hear Caroline singing to herself from the back seat of the car. She had taken Neal Diamond’s classic song “Sweet Caroline,” kept the tune, and modified the words. As Lillian talked, I could hear her singing over and over to herself, “Sweet Caroline…I’m so sweet, I’m so smart, I’m so good…bah, bah, bah…”

Sigh. Lillian and I just looked at each other and laughed. There is only one Caroline. And good thing. Don’t think I have enough energy for two.

Hopefully Mia Grace will rub off on her 🙂

Caroline the past two nights at dinner: