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March 28, 2021

Sunday – Simon of Cyrene: Carrying Your Cross

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To help us journey with Jesus towards the cross, each day this week I will post a scripture to read, a face from the journey of the cross on which to reflect, a prayer to pray, and a practice or suggested discipline to carry out.

Read the Scriptures:

Luke 23:26-32

Reflect on a Face of the Cross:

Simon of Cyrene walked the journey of a lifetime. A foreigner, probably a visitor to Jerusalem for the feast of Passover, Simon was hidden in the crowd among a sea of faces, most likely wanting only to blend in to the mass of humanity around him. But suddenly he was jerked out of his anonymity into a murderous march of death amidst an angry, volatile crowd, all to carry the cross of a man he probably did not know. 

Simon’s journey in carrying the cross was exactly that – a journey. A process. Long, slow, laborious, steps behind a man who was headed towards eventual execution. But his journey was not a choice. Ours is, with full recognition that the journey of the cross isn’t for everyone – it’s just for an obedient few. 

The week of Passion, we, like Simon, stand on the brink of a journey. While looking at the crowd, taking in the violent opposition around us, and beholding the bloodied, beaten man in front of us, we face a choice – do we take up the cross and join in the journey, or do we walk in the other direction, leaving passion behind? 

This week, join in the journey. Take up the cross and follow Christ (Matthew 16:24). The road is one of sorrow and suffering, but resurrection is waiting. Are you ready for the journey?



We stand at the crossroads, on the brink of the most significant week in all of history, and hear the question, “Are you ready for the journey?”

Enable us in obedience to lay our lives down, pick up the cross, and follow You on Your road of passion. 

In Jesus’ Name we pray, amen.


To keep your feet moving in the direction of the cross today, consider fasting from screens. Put down your phone, turn off your favorite shows, and spend extra time in the Gospels reading about the journey of Christ and the cross. 

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