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Restore: A 7-Session Bible Study

God alone knows what each of us needs to help us see that there is hope beyond our wreckage and rebuilding beyond our ruins.

If it’s difficult for you to remember your past without the sting of rejection, shame, or waves of pain, if you have walls up in your relationships with others, if you suffer from panic attacks or frequent bouts of anxiety or depression, or if you pull people close to you only to push them away for reasons you do not understand, know this: the hope of restoration is avail- able to you. This Bible Study will help you identify your attachment pattern, the tools to restore, and the way to rebuild one step at a time.

In this seven-week Bible study, you will find:

• Seven weeks of guided personal study
• A link to Susannah’s free video sessions on her website
• A video viewer guide to help you take notes in an individual or group format
• A leader guide for seven small group sessions
• Questions to discuss in a small group setting
• Links to free downloadable worksheets to help you remember your own attachment pattern, restore through processing God’s Word, and rebuild through prayer

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