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July 14, 2015

First Full Day



Our first full day with Mia Grace is almost complete. I say almost because everyone is asleep except MG…she is sitting up next to me in bed, wide awake. After her bath (first hair wash) and bottle, I went to lay her down in her bed and she immediately started crying. So, we are up, and who knows for how long. She will probably be sleeping with Mama tonight.

All in all, it was a good day. A day of getting to know each other. She continues to stare at us out of big brown eyes, silently soaking everything in. And thank you, Carol Taylor, for that word. For she is indeed soaking. After going back to the civil office today to complete some paperwork, Mia Grace fell asleep on me in the car, and when I tried to put her in her bed when we got back in the room, she began to cry, her first real sound of the day, so I scooped her up and she took a two hour nap laying on my chest on our bed.

The longer I am in her presence, the more grateful I am for the privilege it is to earn an orphan’s trust. Someone who has never, in all probability, fallen asleep on anyone’s chest for two hours is willing to take a risk with someone she does not know and fall asleep on mine. What a gift. I can tell that a mighty foundation of prayer has been laid on her behalf and our behalf by her response to us the past few days. Thank you for those prayers. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

And thank you for all of your prayers for our big girls. They have handled the trip and the transition like champs. The only tears around here are over who gets to hold, feed, bathe, play with Mia Grace next. We should have adopted three babies all at once – one for each girl!

Here is a video of Lillian and Lizzie helping her take a few steps:

One final thing: I know I mentioned how well she ate last night at dinner, but just to reiterate, the girl can eat! She will try anything! This morning for breakfast she polished off one fried egg, a serving of kale (I know, right – who eats kale for breakfast?!), cantaloupe, and a link of chicken sausage. Just so you all would believe me, I took a picture of her dinner plate. First time to eat watermelon – and she loved every bite! (Aunt Cara, she really is your niece )


As you all wake up, we are off to rest – rest in the great, great love of the Lord who loves to set the fatherless in families. Thankful for the gift of Him and each of you,
The Baker 6