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Bible Studies

Now Available

Waiting On The Lord

In Waiting on the Lord, a nine-session video-based Bible study, Susannah helps us to see our seasons of waiting as invitation instead of deprivation. We learn to actively press into relationship with God and become the whole-hearted women He has called us to be. As we allow God to heal our hearts from the past, we find new strength to trust God in the present, and walk confidently in hope for the future.

Each study includes:

  • 9 FREE Supplemental Teachings
  • 8 weeks of personal Biblestudy
  • Small Group Questions to Use in a Group Setting


Waiting on the Lord Videos

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About Susannah

Susannah Baker thought she would be done waiting by age 40 – she thought if she loved God and followed Him, seasons of waiting would be a thing of the past.  But now that she’s way past 40, she finds herself still waiting for things like significance, restored relationships, fruitful ministry, healing for family and friends, beauty that doesn’t fade, and a home that always welcomes you into your place at the table.  What she has discovered, though, is that God is always behind each of her waits, inviting her to find ultimate joy and fulfillment in Him.  Susannah enjoys waiting in all of life’s seasons in her home in Houston, Texas with her husband, Jason, their four daughters, and a dog named Boone.


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