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baker headshot-01If you, like me, are desperate in the very real moments of life to know you serve a very real God, then, as poet George Herbert wrote, “By all means, use some time to be alone; see what thy soul doth wear.” Life with four kids can be craziness.  It’s hard to find a moment to breathe much less be alone.  But the busier life becomes, the more necessary it is for me to stop what I am doing and think and reconnect with a God who not only loves me, but knows me intimately, deeply, from the inside out.   The blogs and Bible studies you will find here are written in the hope that they help you see what your soul is wearing, what direction it is headed, and how to redirect it to fully connect with a God who finds the greatest glory when you and I are most fully alive in Him.  I share my story hoping you will find bits and pieces of your own in there, and hopefully see God’s redemptive grace at work in both you and me as we seek to know and be known by our Great, Good God together.




Photos by Marlo Wise Photography