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Shamian Island and a Smile

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Shamian Island and a Smile

On July 21, 2015, Posted by , in Adoption, Adoption Journey, With 10 Comments

We woke up this morning to a steady rain that lasted the whole day. We had plans to go back to Shamian Island this morning since Jason and Lillian were feeling better and had missed going on Sunday. The Island is mainly an outdoor area to enjoy, so we borrowed umbrellas from the Hotel and made our way through the wet to show Jason and Lillian the things we enjoyed so much on Sunday. The famous White Swan Hotel is on the Island (the Hotel where most adoptive families stayed up until about three years ago when it closed for renovations), so the shops there are well supplied with clothes for little girls. Each of my girls picked out a traditional Chinese dress and a parasol. They were beyond excited to try out their new purchases!

Mia Grace was so tired she almost fell asleep on the lunch table…


…so when we got back to our hotel, she took a long three hour nap while the girls played dress up…




And when Mia Grace woke up, she joined the fun!




Every day we see Mia Grace let a little bit more of her guard down, become a little more expressive of her wants and desires and join in the overall family chaos with an occasional flicker of a smile. This morning as Jason tickled her, she laughed her wonderful belly laugh, looked at him seriously, and then gave him a grin.



We never saw it again the rest of the day, but we will TAKE IT!!! Every sign of joy is a great gift and a direct answer to prayer.

Thank you for your prayers today not just for our family but for the other families we have met here as well. I did not see Kelly and Adam again today but we have plans to see them tomorrow, and I am hoping for a good report on their daughter. I know your prayers are making a profound difference.

We love and appreciate each one of you so; only three more days until we come HOME!!!

Much Love,
The Baker 6

10 Comments so far:

  1. Laura Grace says:

    SO awesome to see that smile!!! I can’t wait to hear that belly laugh in person 🙂 Love to you all

  2. Mel says:

    Oh my goodness!!!! THE cutest girls ever!!!! What precious pictures!!! We are missing y’all so much! We are so blessed and uplifted each time one of your blog entries pops up on my email. Loving following your moments!

  3. Bobbye says:

    The girls look so beautiful and proud to model their outfits! That picture of Mia Grace smiling at her Daddy just brought chills and Jesus bumps!!! I’m so thankful for each day and each little glimpse that shows she’s becoming more and more a ” Baker girl”! Blessings on your day!!!!

  4. Cara says:

    These pictures make me smile so BIG!! I laughed out loud at the one of MG looking up at Caroline, as she looks like she sliding right through Caroline’s arms. Those two r going to be tight!

  5. McDaniel family says:

    Love all the pictures and updates. Praying for a smooth transition through the consulate. Can’t wait to see MG smiling face soon.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Daddy’s girl already!!

  7. Shelley says:

    The picture of MG and Jason is priceless!!!

  8. Her Mia says:

    What can I say…it’s all been said! I’m missing you all and can’t wait to see your faces in person!
    Love you so.

  9. Steve and Mary Klein says:

    Beautiful…just beautiful:)

  10. LAUREN BAKER says:

    Whoo hooo! Praise God for fun dress up days with sisters, smiles and giggles!
    Love you guys.

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