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Receiving Peace

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Receiving Peace

On March 27, 2020, Posted by , in Coronavirus, Video Weekly Words, With 6 Comments

During these turbulent times, it is easy to find ourselves paralyzed with fear. But God promises peace with His presence behind every locked door. Take a moment to look with me at John 20:19-22 to see how.

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  1. Ann Shoemaker says:

    Thank you for this Susannah! What a blessing this morning. I will be sharing this with elderly family members in NC who are afraid right now. Thanks for taking your time to share with us.

  2. Sally Woodward says:

    Susannah I was so blessed by this sweet video this morning! Oh I see Jesus in you and. I see your beautiful mother in you. May you be blessed today for blessing others with the comforting words from the truth of God’s word. I still have such precious memories from being neighbors with your family!

    • Susannah Baker says:

      That is so kind, Sally – thank you! And I love that you see my mom in me – she is one of the most beautiful people I know 🙂

  3. Kathe Baker says:

    Thank you Susannah!!! What a blessing to be in God’s Word with you this morning!!!! Thank you for the lesson on God bringing His Peace, HIs Son into every room and reminding me that He conquers All! Love you so much! k

  4. Kelli Schneeweiss says:

    Thank you Susannah!

  5. Keely Carter says:

    So awesome Susannah! Thank you for taking the time to serve others with your words.

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