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  1. Susan Ince says:

    My Daughter,
    Well said. You always know how to say with profundity, what is so true.

  2. Mary Shannon Ratliff says:

    God is using you Susannah. God knew I needed to read your blog this morning. Pls keep writing. I love you more than you might know.

  3. Oh gosh. . . so so heavy. . . yet I have never felt closer to Him than in my darkest times; the ones where I was just clinging and crying out to God. Praying for those mentioned. Love you, friend.

  4. Stephanie says:

    So well said. I always enjoy reading your thoughts and perspectives, as they always point to Christ. Thanks for the encouragement on this Saturday night! Love you!

  5. Joe Ince says:

    It was a wonderful weekend, Sweetheart. So delightful that you and your family were there to soak it all in.

    I’ve looked at those battle names in Navy’s stadium many times, and you are right that they remind us of the cost involved in our freedom. It is well to remember and to reflect on the sacrifices given in our behalf. None of the young men (and, on other Navy and Air Force teams, women) will be seeing professional sports careers and the big money therein associated; they’re at our Academies to serve the country, with their lives if necessary. Thank you for seeing that and for reflecting on that reality.

    And thanks for reminding us all of the even greater sacrifice of our Lord. We are all in debt to a degree that we can never repay. But laying down our lives for Him, in total surrender, is what He asks in return. And it is a joy to do so! What a miracle!!

    Love you,


  6. Mel says:

    Wow! So good! I will not be able to get your words out of my head, and for good reason, “We only have one chance, one life, here on earth to storm the gates of heaven, to affect people’s lives for all eternity….” Need to tatoo to my forehead… Thank you!

  7. I am weeping. I have no words to describe how I ache for Robin and Taylor… Thank you for your words and tribute to such a short life but one that has shown Jesus in so many ways to so many people. Love to you and your family.

  8. robin says:

    Oh, this was so good.

    And I definitely laughed out loud at, “While I can’t count on many things during my ever-shifting day-to-day routine, what I can count on is that at some point, I am going to have to threaten somebody to eat my food. To set the timer. Give a consequence. Battle it out over broccoli.” Hilar because this is my life too. I look forward to the day we can threaten our kids to eat our food together:). Love you Sis.

  9. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! such a simple word that I will never look at the same again! Love this post so very much and am so encouraged by the word NOTHING!!! Incredible words of truth, friend!!!

  10. Cindy says:

    This truly struck me in my current season. And God only confirmed His love as I read my CBS commentary, and there was the verse again. As I recently heard- Romans starts with no condemnation and ends with no separation, and in between all things work together for good. Praise be to God for His promises! Thanks, Susannah.

  11. Whew!!!! Incredible! You have the most incredible analogies!!! Praying that my portrait is all Jesus!!!! Thank you for your words today!!!!

  12. taylor ince says:

    Sus, excellent post. perhaps your best piece of writing yet, in my opinion. the sentiment is gone; bone and muscle remain. Bracing. thank you. love!

  13. Susan Ince says:

    Hope is what we all need in some way…thanks for that encouragement, sweet daughter of mine. So glad I have a daughter who’s hope is not in this world but in the One who made it.

  14. Kimberly Roth says:

    WOW!! What an incredible post. Your brother is right, that was my favorite…really powerful writing. I love to see your gifts unfold!

  15. Kendall rainer says:

    From one limped to another, thank you!

  16. Lisa Perry says:

    I LOVE how God confirms when He is speaking to us. Just today in my small group we were briefly talking about Gideon’s battle and how we would want to be in that group of 300! But I hadn’t known the reasoning behind the “lapping” contest…thank you for your insight! Feeling encouraged and challenged!

  17. Mel says:

    So encouraged! Love the line about “deep trust and faith in His Word…” Felt my body physically relax as I read those words. Thank you for these encouraging and challenging words, my friend! Excellent!

  18. Joe Ince says:

    Wow, Sugar, this post really grabs me. I’ve got to do some deep soul-searching; I’m a long way right now from being one of the 300. Thank you for this teaching.

    Love you,


  19. AS says:

    Your truthfulness is beautiful!
    Love you, as

  20. Stephanie says:

    Beautifully said.

  21. Alice says:

    You Easter writing is such a gift. Inspiring!

  22. Dick carlson says:

    Dear Susannah

    Wonderful observations in this well-written and interesting account . The pictures of your Golden Girls are adorable and heart-warming. Love. uncle dick

    • susannahbaker says:

      Thank you, Uncle Dick. Encouragement from you is always a gift! I am grateful for your presence in our lives.

  23. Oh wow! How I can relate!!!! I feel like I am normally so content and thankful for what I have been blessed with and then WHAM one thing turns into 9 million things and I greet Nate at the door telling him about all of them! I can see what is happening and normally follow up my “want list” with “just give me a couple of hours and I’ll be back to normal!” Gosh the devil sure can change your view of life quickly! But then again, so can Christ!!! Because a little time with him changes everything back!!!

  24. Susannah says:

    Thank you, Elizabeth! Glad someone else can relate πŸ™‚ Thankful to fight the battle for contentment together.

  25. Annie Barnes says:

    What a joy to read your post today. The naked transparent truth put to humor. It has been 15 years since our last one finished home schooling. Both went on to college, one with masters degree and both are successfully following God’s plan. I know in the midst of striving for perfection sometimes we loose site of our purpose as parents. I have never regretted the decision to jump in and home school; the results were worth it all. I will daily lift your days up in prayer to our Heavenly Father un-bountiful blessings. Love you and your precious family, Annie B

    • susannahbaker says:

      Thank you, Annie! I needed to hear those words of encouragement today. Your children are such great examples of an incredible mom and dad who poured into them. Thanks for being such a great example to me through the years.
      Love you, Susannah

  26. Amanda Carlstone says:

    Thank you for your words, your transparency, and your spurring on. I am humbled to “walk” with you. I cannot believe that it has almost been 3 years since I saw you. I have just begun your “Known” series, and I so appreciate your words and His truth. Thank you, again, for sharing your journey with us. May He bless you richly as you continue confess before the alter of your Most Gracious, Heavenly Father.
    Amanda Carlstone

    • susannahbaker says:

      To know you is truly a gift. I am humbled by your life as well and the choices you have made to walk with and follow Jesus. I know what an amazing wife, momma, and woman you are. Grateful for you, Susannah

  27. Teri says:

    Susannah—you have no idea how this spoke to my heart his morning. “Contentment” has been a theme that keeps coming up for me in the last couple of months and I know it is the Lord speaking directly to me. Thank you so much for always being so transparent in your writing. πŸ™‚

  28. Kathy says:

    What a blessing to read! Thanks for the encouragement today!

  29. Susan Ince says:

    My Precious Daughter,
    It is with joy to see through your blog what God is doing in your heart. His santification process will never stop and thanks be to Him that He loves us enough to never give up on us!

  30. Mel says:

    Oh my goodness!!!! Loved this!!! Such an excellent word! You are a born teacher! I will not forget this visual. Thank you!!!

  31. Susan Ince says:

    Thank you dearest daughter for that wonderful and needed reminder. I love you.

  32. Jen Hartmann says:

    Praying these requests for you and your family Susannah. I remember when you were sharing your story about adopting from China over a year ago when we were at the redeeming girls retreat. Wow look at all God has done and how far the process has come since then. Be praying for His patience and His peace be felt while you all wait for God’s perfect timing to meet Mia Grace.

    • susannahbaker says:

      God is so gracious – so grateful for the gift of prayer. Thank you for rejoicing with us at the goodness of the Lord!

  33. kendall rainer says:

    The Rainers already love you Mia Grace and can’t wait to meet you and know you!

  34. Teri Bono says:

    Wow, Susannah, I had no idea! What a beautiful little girl, and I so love her name, Mia Grace. She has no idea how blessed she is to have been chosen by your family. Will be joining you guys in prayer for this sweet one.

  35. Kathy says:

    Love you, Sus. Love your heart. Love the depths and beauty of your thoughts and your journey. Love Mia Grace and all your girls. Can’t wait to meet this new Baker. Love, love, love.

  36. Susan Ince says:

    Mia Grace, we’ve been praying for you since before you were born. We can’t wait to meet you!
    Your Mia

  37. cara says:

    Mia Grace will be flooded with hugs and kisses when she arrives. We will continue to pray for that sweet girl and for all the details. We love her dearly already!!!

  38. Stephanie says:

    Love & Prayers for the Baker family.

  39. Mary Ewers says:

    Congratulations on your 4 th daughter! So precious, love her name!

  40. Lindsay Ellis says:

    Honored to pray for Mia Grace and your family! Love you! Praising Him for this precious girl who will be joining your family!!!!!!

  41. Joan Moody says:

    Here I am reading about life and life and love on Maundy Thursday! As we all know Sunday IS coming! Hope Mia is ready for a big Texas welcome. Praying with you!

    • susannahbaker says:

      Thank you, Joan! And thank you for the reminder of Easter – so thankful for the reminder that Resurrection is always coming. Love you!

  42. Her Mia says:

    I can’t quit crying

  43. Mel says:

    Sweetest letter ever! Heart-wrenchingly sweet. Could you please write MY kids a letter?!? That was incredible! So true, so meaningful, something I pray all my children would know and believe about themselves. Thank you for sharing such an intimate story. Cannot wait to meet your 4th daughter!!!

  44. Teri says:

    Simply beautiful.

  45. cara says:

    How do I read that letter and not cry!?!?! LOVED it, so beautifully written! Oh, how I love the name Mia even more! She will treasure that letter one day and I think it needs to be published for all adopted kids to read.

  46. Lindsay E says:

    Wow! Thank you for goving us this glimpse into your heart and the story of her name. What a treasure this will be for Mia Grace! Praying!!!!! πŸ™‚

  47. Stephanie says:

    This letter reminds me of your life-changing, soul-digging, He-made-me Psalm 139 study! Love love your words of truth. What a gift it is for Mia to have a mom who knows that we too are adopted and redeemed by Him!

  48. Jen Hartmann says:

    Simply beautiful Susannah. What a special gift this is for Mia and what a special gift is to those who are blessed to read this. We all need reminders of who we truly are through Christ and so easily can get caught up in who the world, friends, family say we are. Thank you for this truth that we all are His.

  49. Elizabeth Dains says:

    Sweet Mia Grace!!!! I love you so much already!!!!!! I adore the story of Mia Grace’s name and know she will treasure this letter forever!

  50. Susan Ince says:


  51. Reichen says:

    I’m praying for all of you as you hea off to China. God is enough for all of it! Love you friend and can’t wait to hear about this journey more :-). Have a safe trip!! You are loved

  52. cara says:

    They are looking very Chinese, especially Lils with her socks and shoes!!! Please send pics when you get there… I want to see if their hair still looks the same and if they still have smiles on there faces. I know it’s a loooooong plane ride…. praying the hours pass quickly. I can hardly wait to meet our Mia Grace!!!!!

  53. Mel says:

    Love, love, love your posts!!!! Keep ’em coming!!! Praying…thinking of you… Love all of you!

  54. Teri B. says:

    Praying for a safe, wonderful trip. So can’t wait to see pics of everyone when you first meet!!!! Very happy for your family, Susannah. πŸ™‚

  55. Lisa Perry says:

    I have been praying for you guys much the last few days, and the excitement is bubbling over! I’m so thankful we’ll get to watch this journey from afar…thanks for letting us in on the story! Love you guys!!

  56. Lisa Perry says:

    I’m praying right now that the girls will do awesome on that looooong flight!!

  57. Annie Barnes says:

    Yea! What a great experience and memory for your family. Hopefully no trains to ride to get there- now that was a memory- although you are a pro at train rides now! We will continue to steadfastly hold you & Jason, Mia Grace and the girls in our prayers for a safe journey and family transition.

  58. Lindsay says:

    Sooooo exciting!!! Faithful in prayer for this journey!!!!!

  59. Mia Ince says:

    The girls look as happy as they did at 4.30 this morning when we saw you off! They know they are getting ready to FINALLY meet their sister! The gestation period of over 2 years is about to end and the baby is coming! Can’t wait to hold Mia Grace in my arms. Loving you all immensely!

  60. Jennifer says:

    Excited for all your post and so thankful you arrived safely! Prayers and love to you all!

  61. Mel says:

    Awwwww!!!!! So glad to know you’re safely there! Love those sleepy smiles!

  62. Kristen says:

    I knew those Baker girls would be excellent world travelers! So glad to see this update! Praying!

  63. Lisa Perry says:

    Sweet dreams Baker family!

  64. Her Mia says:

    Love seeing my granddaughters with big smiles! Sleep well. Love you so.

  65. LAUREN BAKER says:

    Glad y’all made it! Exciting times…I’ll pray all continues to go smoothly.

  66. Kay says:

    So excited for yall, rest well! Supernatural peaceful kind of rest πŸ™‚

  67. Elizabeth Dains says:

    So so excited for yall!!!! Cannot wait to hear this precious one is HOME!

  68. taylor says:

    So pumped for y’all. Love.

  69. Maggie Aquaro says:

    Thank you for taking the time to update. Praying for you!

  70. Jacky says:

    Haha! Love this!! I hope you sleep so well!!

  71. Mel says:

    Hahaha!!!! We are all laughing over here!

  72. Hannah Parker says:

    This is too funny!!!! I cannot wait to meet her!

  73. Cindy says:

    Too funny! Sleep well!

  74. Steve and Mary Klein says:

    We prayed for you all and read your posts and looked at your pictures as a family at the dinner table. So exciting! Mia Grace just has a few more nights without her forever family:)

  75. Christina Hanson says:

    Dear, dear amazing Baker family! I am just getting caught up on your enlightening posts from April until now. What an incredible journey you have been on preparing to bring home Mia Grace! Your posts are so inspiring, and I am loving the pics of the girls on their travels. What troopers! We are sending you prayers and well wishes on this momentous occasion! Love to you all!! Christina, Mark and the boys

  76. Her Mia says:

    Sleep well Jason!

  77. Mia Ince says:

    Thank you for bringing me another grand daughter all the way from China! I can’t wait to know Mia Grace.

  78. Her Mia says:

    Thank you for making us feel like we are taking this trip with you. What wonderful, and amazing memories you are making in a part of the world most of us may never see. But the best is yet to come, for its this part of the world that is giving us Mia Grace.
    Love you so!

  79. Mia Ince says:

    Oh yes… The video worked!!! Thanks for going to all that trouble for all of us!

  80. Teri Bono says:

    the video wouldn’t play for me, but I just want to thank you, Susannah, for sharing this journey with everyone. I feel like i’m reading a book that I can’t put down and I can’t wait for Monday’s chapter! πŸ™‚

  81. Maggie Aquaro says:

    Praying for you all!

    Much love, Maggie

  82. Stephanie says:

    Way to go Jason! Love reading how God is carrying you through this. Thanks for sharing your heart and your adventure Susannah!

  83. Mia Ince says:

    WHEW! So glad Lizzie didn’t get whisked away with the train! Way to go, Jason. I guess all those early morning workouts have paid off! Love you so!

  84. Kristen says:

    I am loving the updates and can’t wait for you to have Mia Grace in your arms!

  85. Popsie says:

    Thankful for your quickness and strength, Jason. And so excited about tomorrow and Mia Grace! Please give her a big kiss from her Popsie.

  86. Lindsay says:

    Lizzie! Oh my! So thankful Jason got her off the train! I love reading these updates !!!! πŸ™‚

  87. Cara says:

    I truly feel like I’ve been to Hong Kong…. video came through…Amazing! That’s just like the Lord to have yall run into the Chang’s. He loves to be apart of every detail in our lives! I laughed out loud thinking of people stopping the girls to take their picture. Thank you for allowing us to journey China with yall… it’s the highlight of each day for me! Love each of you…

  88. Cara says:

    My stomach got a knot just reading about Lizzie on that train…. I wonder what they would really think if u walked around with the kids on those kid leashes!?!?! The days are getting fewer till the reunion with Mia Grace….

  89. Elizabeth Dains says:

    Video worked for me and I cannot wait for the next “chapter of this book!” So so excited for yall!!!!!

  90. Elizabeth Dains says:

    Oh my gosh my worst fear!!!!!!! Way to go Jason!!!!!!!!

  91. Kathy says:

    My thoughts turn toward your family many times throughout each day. Praying fervently for this God-ordained, glorious meeting day. May you see His GRACE in every detail. Love, love, love you so!!!

  92. Kimberly says:

    Oh Susannah, what beautiful pictures and and amazing posts! I feel like we are on the journey with you, thank you…we have all loved it!! Praying for your exciting and life changing day!!!!

  93. shelley says:

    Sus – My eyes filled with tears as I read about the girls waiting and praying for their little sister. Love you!

  94. Kay says:

    Wow friend, beautifully said

  95. Kristen says:

    So beautiful, friend! I have butterflies in my stomach for the Baker family…so thankful your wait is almost over and you will lay eyes on your daughter. We are praying!

  96. Cara says:

    I couldn’t sleep last night(haven’t really since we’ve been here) so I started reading and re-reading your blogs. The anticipation is so great and the excitement is over the top. A tiny picture of what it will be like to see Jesus face to face….. makes me want to cry!!!!!!!

  97. Elizabeth Dains says:

    I am just dying with anticipation!!!!! The day is finally here!!!!!!! I am so thrilled for you!!!!!!

  98. Barbara "Baker" jones says:

    Susannah, these posts are beautiful- bringing tears to my eyes while anticipation pulses through me- I am so excited for y’all, cannot wait to meet sweet Mia Grace! I hope this time for y’all as a family of six is sweet and blessed and restful! Love you all so much!!

  99. Kathy says:

    Praying for you all as you sleep. (And praying THAT you sleep!) Anxiously awaiting – face to face!

  100. Teri Bono says:

    Wow! the anticipation is certainly great waaaaaay over here in Houston! But your words brought me to tears–what a beautiful analogy of Christ longing to see us face-to-face. Thank you, Susannah!

  101. Mia Ince says:

    Praying for the peace of God to envelope you, Jason, Lillian, Lizzie and Caroline as you sleep tonight. Praying for Mia Grace that she will know joy untold when she meets her new family!

    love you so.

  102. Mia Ince says:

    We are all waiting on this end of the world too for Mia Grace. Thank you for taking us along with you on your journey to secure your daughter, our grand daughter, niece, cousin and new friend!

    Love you so.

  103. Amy says:

    I have been doing battle in prayer for you all day today as you prepare physically, spiritually and emotional for the great meeting that awaits TOMORROW!!!!
    I’m praying for peace in your inner being that surpasses circumstances. I’m praying that God would overwhelm you and the girls with His care for details. That they might see so clearly how He has cared for Mia in China and at the same time that Yall would each see how He has perfectly fitted Yall together as a family.
    Love you dear one. Rest in His perfect care tonight.

  104. Alice says:

    So exciting. This is the day The Lord has made. Rejoice in it.

  105. Steve and Mary Klein says:

    On our hearts and in our prayers. Eight years ago on July 5th we were in the same building you will be in when you get Mia Grace. So many children pass through that building, yet God has designed this precious one to be yours. We are so excited to know that in a few hours your little girl will go from ‘orphan’ to belonging and she will never have another night without belonging:) Beautiful post! Loved ever word. love, the Kleins

  106. Leigh Mc says:

    “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. He counts the number of the stars, and gives names to all of them. Great is our LORD and abundant in strength; His understanding is infinite.” Praising God for His providence in all things…and especially in this day. Love, Leigh

  107. Holly says:

    So thankful the day is upon you! Your heart must be exploding with anticipation, and we are too! Prayers are going up to cover every last detail and for God’s beautiful peace to be with you in the moment you receive Mia Grace. Eagerly anticipating the next post!!!

  108. Lisa Perry says:

    What a sweet prayer from the girls. Praying lots for you guys!!

  109. Lisa Perry says:

    Love those thoughts Susannah, God is just SO good!!

  110. Robin says:

    Not sure how I’m going to sleep tonight! Tempted to check your blog every hour!!! Love y’all! Praying every time you come to mind (which is often!).

  111. Sarah says:

    Beautifully written! I am so excited! I can’t wait to hear all about today!! Praying throughout the day everyday for y’all!

  112. CrazyAuntAnn says:

    I’ve followed you every step on the way. God speed today.

  113. Lauren Baker says:

    Praising God for this day!!

    Lord, thank you for your goodness and faithfulness. Thank you for arranging this day before any of the Bakers knew. I pray for Mia Grace as she meets her family for the very first time. I pray you give her peace, comfort and joy as she is united with Susannah, Jason, Lillian, Lizzie and Caroline.

  114. Traci says:

    I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow & see this beautiful new face and expanded Baker family! You are now just a couple hours away…can’t imagine your excitement! Love all of you so much !

  115. Kimberly says:

    I can hardly rest thinking that while we are sleeping you are actually meeting MIA GRACE!! Thank you for the detailed updates and pics, it’s been fun for us to read (inspiring too)!! Looking forward to the next post. πŸ˜‰

  116. Teri Bono says:

    Why do I want to set my alarm for around 3 am in hopes there will be an update with photos?????????? (I think I just might!)

  117. McDaniel family says:

    We are so excited we can hardly stand it. Please know you are being prayed for as we longing look across the street multiple times a day.

    We CANNOT wait to meet the newest addition to Mickey Way! Peace and Grace to you all during this time of transition.

    Mia Grace we love you already!

  118. Amy moody says:

    I cannot sleep anticipating the amazing miracle that is about to take place in Guangzhou . Praising the Lord that your sweet girl will be in your arms in a few hours!! What Joy! Thankful for the provision of extra space and asking the Lord to create a supernatural bond within the walks of that apartment these next 12 days! We love you!!

  119. Kathy says:

    In tears over here! So excited! GOD is love! God IS love! God is LOVE!!! Oh te goodness and beauty of our Lord! Precious and sacred gift of adoption! Praying for this day!

  120. Robin says:

    Tearing up seeing the girls in their dresses! I should’ve lent you Baby Susannah’s 12-18 mo dress in case MG is tiny! I might just make aves and susu wear theirs tomorrow though they would probably mutiny at long sleeves in July.

    Wish we were there and CANNOT wait to see your next post. Seriously. Binge watching White Collar on Netflix if I can’t sleep tonight!;) xoxo

  121. Cara says:

    Seeing Mia Grace’s new “things” organized on that shelf made the tears come down my cheeks! Susu, the Lord has equipped you so perfectly and sweetly with each detail. I know sleeping tonight will not be easy…. I can hardly wait to see pictures of Mia Grace FINALLY in y’all’s arms!!

  122. Jennifer Ramirez says:

    I haven’t slept through the night since y’all left. Jack Bauer πŸ™‚ has been tracking you all and waiting for updates. I check my emails constantly and awake with every new alert with one eye open to read your latest post in the dark. No doubt I’ll be up early today! We are praying for you all and sending our love!

  123. Elizabeth Dains says:

    It is almost 1 am and I am so looking forward to an update when I wake up for baby Brock’s next feeding! God is so good! Praying for a joyous meeting! You are meeting your daughter today!!!!!!!!!

  124. Bobbye says:

    I asked the Lord to waken me at 1:30 am and, faithful that He is, my eyes popped open at 1 and my heart leapt imagining y’all with Mia Grace! Tears from a grateful heart flowed, realizing how you must feel finally having her in your arms. I’ve read every update since you left and I can hardly wait to see pictures! What a blessed baby girl for God to have chosen HER to be your #4!!! Love and prayers continue as the transition to a family of SIX begins. God has gone every step before you and is smiling as He continues this journey of love and grace by your side. I’m giddy!!!

  125. Bobbye says:

    Well, doesn’t God just continue to outdo himself!!!! Talk about tears!!! I can’t get enough of these pictures! Thank you and praise you, Jesus, for this gift from Your heart! She looks like a Madame Alexander baby doll!!! Perfect in every way!!! Oh! I can’t WAIT to make her a cake!!!! I love you, Mia Grace Baker!!!!

  126. Jane and Ralph says:

    Wow! Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Brought tears to our eyes. Overjoyed beyond words and grateful to the Lord for His amazing provision, grace and favor.
    She is beautiful and we can’t wait to hold her in person. So glad you are all there as a family and experiencing this together. The girls look amazing together!
    We love all 6 of you!

  127. Catalina Booth says:

    Susannah & Jason

    I don’t know if you remember me but we were all served in the high school ministry at SBC back when we were all single. In amy case, a mutual friend reposted your blog on FB and I read the wonderful news. I am rejoicing for y’all that Mia Grace is now with you her forever family. I will be praying for y’all and the transitions to come.

  128. Stephanie says:

    Tears! So happy for you and filled with joy of seeing God’s goodness! Enjoy:)

  129. Jacky says:

    Oh my goodness! Congrats! These pictures are incredible…the girls holding her and the last one of her looking Jason in the eyes! She looks so curious. Now…..a picture of momma holding Mia grace please :)!! Welcome Mia Grace!!!!

  130. Teri Bono says:

    Well, I’m weeping looking at the picture of the girl in the bed—that look on Lillian’s face–pure love. And Mia Grace looking at Jason. We’re missing a photo of YOU and your daughter! πŸ™‚ That’s amazing about the surgery–at first I thought they gave you the wrong baby!
    Susannah, Jason and girls—I am so happy for you! I hope I will be able to meet this little one at some point when y’all get home.

  131. Teri Bono says:

    Well, I’m weeping looking at the picture of the girls in the bed—that look on Lillian’s face–pure love. And Mia Grace looking at Jason. We’re missing a photo of YOU and your daughter! πŸ™‚ That’s amazing about the surgery–at first I thought they gave you the wrong baby!
    Susannah, Jason and girls—I am so happy for you! I hope I will be able to meet this little one at some point when y’all get home.

  132. Nona says:

    She is so beautiful!!! I keep looking at her precious face. What a gift she is to you and to all of us. So thankful for all the updates and now the pictures of your Mia Grace. I can’t wait to hold her and look into her big brown eyes in person. Love all 6 of you!!!

  133. Elizabeth says:

    Ok. . . I want to see more of that video!!! How incredible that y’all documented such a miraculous moment! She is absolutely precious in every way! πŸ™‚ I am so thankful that God has blessed you with such a special little girl πŸ™‚

  134. Mel says:

    There are just no words!!! Thank You, Lord!! She is beautiful and all of your smiles say it all! Thank you for sharing each step!! Wow!

  135. Chad says:

    God is good! She is beautiful and we can’t wait to meet her.

  136. Sarah says:

    She is precious and beautiful!! I have tears streaming down my face as I look at these pictures! Congrats on your beautiful family of six!!! Amazing!! God is so GOOD!!

  137. Kay says:

    Amazing!!!!! So powerful and so beautiful

  138. Jennifer says:

    Happy tears!! She’s precious and she looks so peaceful with everyone! God is great! We definitely need a picture of the two of you.

  139. Kristen says:

    I woke up so eager to check my email and see this post. Mia Grace is beautiful and I love seeing her in each of your arms. So thankful. Enjoy sweet mama! Praying for your time together as a family of 6!

  140. Kimberly says:

    I had to look at all the pictures and video three times!! She is beautiful and I love seeing the girls fully embrace their new sister. Praying that she bonds with each of you more and more every hour and that your days are sweet together as a family of SIX!!!!!!

  141. Traci says:

    Such precious pictures!! She is adorable and everyone looks so happy! Wish we could all be there with you. God is so good!

  142. Mia Ince says:

    I don’t think I slept last night…kept checking for an update! It’s a dream come true to finally see my grand daughter with her new family. We are all riveted to this story because it’s the Gospel…our story as well. Mia Grace is beautiful and her dark hair and eyes contrasted with the girl’s hair and eyes is striking. Each of the girls has such a special and unique expression while holding her…Caroline finally has her baby, Lizzie has a little sister to cuddle, and Lillian has a sister to nurture. And seeing her with her daddy is all too sweet. She looks like she feels safe in Jason’s arms. I am so excited for you all!
    love you so.

  143. Steve says:

    Amazing!! Mia Grace is beautiful, such a beautiful family…thanks for sharing with us and letting us be a part of your story.

  144. CrazyAuntAnn says:

    Beautiful! Love you all.

  145. Haley says:

    I couldn’t get to my phone fast enough when I work up this morning!!! She’s beautiful…what a gift to many! Your other 3 are glowing! Thank you for letting us walk alongside you on this amazing journey! Now we can’t wait to meet our cousin!!!

  146. Lindsay says:

    She. Is. Perfect. She truly looks like a little doll!!!!! I keep watching the clip over and over!!! There are just no sufficient words that can describe what you all must be feeling, the love, joy, excitement, relief that this day has finally arrived! Praying for the next week that your new family bonds, laughs, rests, and truly enjoys and embraces every…..single…moment. God is so good!!!!

  147. Laura Grace says:

    Sus, she is just precious!! We cannot wait to get our arms around her as well! Thank you for taking the time to post pictures – so good to be able to see Mia Grace, and y’all! Praying for these coming days as a family before heading back to TX. Sending our love to you 6!

  148. Steve and Mary Klein says:

    Steve and I have been going over and over the amazing pictures and video and are so thrilled for you all and Mia Grace. She is absolutely precious and we are beyond excited! Love the book your girls are holding:) Hard to express how deeply we feel for ya’ll getting to experience the miracle of adoption of your adorable youngest daughter!

  149. Barbara "Baker" jones says:

    She is a doll!! Oh y’all she is perfect!
    loving all of these pictures and video!
    Happy tears and so much joy! πŸ˜€

  150. Maggie Aquaro says:

    I woke up in the middle of the night and prayed, prayed, prayed! So excited for you all! Thank you for taking time to post in the midst of everything going on.

    God is so good- from His perfect timing to the way He orchestrates the details of the journeys He takes us on, like Mia Grace’s surgery prior to her arrival home. I needed to be reminded of that today…

    Much love to you and Jason and your FOUR sweet girls!!!


  151. Berger Family says:

    So happy that this day is finally here for you, Susannah and Jason. Congratulations!
    Thinking and praying for all of you. Mia is adorable. Lillian, Lizzie and Caroline’s faces are filled with so much anticipation, excitement and joy. Praying that God gives Mia a sense of His security this week through you, Jason and the girls. Have a wonderful week enjoying the “Very Last, First Time of Meeting Mia!” May God bless this most wonderful and special time in the life of your family. Love from the Berger Family

  152. Kate says:

    So excited to wake up and read this post! She is a beautiful gift from God. What favor He has shown your whole family. Grateful that your story is bringing my husband and I back around to the conversations of adoption.

  153. Kristen says:

    She is so loved! Love you all!

  154. Bobbye says:

    The posts can’t come quickly enough! What a magical time. The Father is well pleased. Don’t you know He’s smiling at this sweet family He’s created?

    Sweet dreams, Susu! You are so loved!

  155. Amy moody says:

    Sussanah wow!!! She is so beautiful. And that the Lord saved you a huge surprise blessing in her surgery having already been completed. Thank you Lord for being a God of provision and for doing immeasurably more for us than we could ever hope or imagine!!!

  156. Stacy says:

    I have loved following your journey to Mia Grace….thank you for taking us with you via your blog! She is so beautiful…Thanking the Lord for the way He has so beautifully gone before you and has chosen that precious little girl to be a part of your family. So grateful yall have each other. Love you all!

  157. Marian Ellis says:

    So happy for you. Praying for a quick bond of the family and that she becomes a Baker in her heart so very soon. Love seeing this long wait come to fruition!

  158. Kathy says:

    Oh, the JOY of this sweet union!!! I went in for labs at 7:30 this morning with a huge smile on my face – and my eyes glued to the pictures on my phone! (…and now all the early staff at the clinic knows Mia Grace’s precious face, too! What fun to share with them God’s goodness, His unfailing love poured out in abundance as we slept last night!) I’m absolutely giddy with excitement and love for this amazing gift! She is amazingly beautiful! And the over-the-top Grace of God that you can bring her home without the dread of surgery! Our God continually demonstrates His goodness and tender care! Oh sweet family!!! We love you!!!!!!!

  159. Cimbrey Brannan says:

    Susannah and Jason! We are overjoyed to see you all together at last. Beautiful! God is writing a glorious story with your lives. It is precious to see you all love Mia Grace in these pictures. Keep posting! We love to see y’all! Miss you!

  160. Mia Ince says:

    The picture says it all…resting in the grace, peace and provision of our amazing Lord, Jehovah Jireh; The God Who Provides. Everything.

    Sleep well.
    Love you so.

  161. Shelley says:

    More than you could have asked or imagined. She is so beautiful !! It has been so emotional for us too as we followed along. Thank you for including us. She is a blessed child to be brought into your family.
    Love you

  162. Joanna says:

    What a joy to see your arms full!! She is adorable and oh so loved! Cannot wait to meet her!

  163. Lauren Baker says:

    Crying over here! Thank you Lord! What a beautiful day!

    Couldn’t sleep last night and my thoughts and prayers kept going to y’all.

    Love y’all, Baker 6!!

  164. Teri B. says:

    OMWORD, that photo! Crying tears of joy for your family, Susannah & Jason!

  165. Jacky says:

    Love this! Thank you for letting us share this journey with yall

  166. Bob Douponce says:

    Jason, really brings back the memories and emotions from 7 years ago. beautiful family!

  167. Kathy says:

    Perfect peace! Our hearts are full!

  168. Amy G says:

    What a beautiful family of six!!! I am praising the Lord for bringing Mia Grace into your family. Thank you for sharing the journey, your posts have been amazing! We love you guys!

  169. Allison says:

    She is absolutely precious Susannah!! What a wonderful gift!! We are praying for y’all as you transition to a family of 6!

  170. Ana Ince says:

    Wow!!! We finally have our Mia Grace! She looks so at peace in everyone’s arms. Can’t wait to hold her! Love you, enjoy the rest of the time in China!

  171. Carri says:

    Brian and I read this post between Sunday School and church. I had tears just flowing. What a beautiful picture of God’s love for us! THANK YOU for posting and sharing about your journey! Know that we continue to lift up your family!

  172. Carri says:

    WHOOP!!!!! Hope you can hear us from Houston . . . WHOOP!!!!
    She is beautiful!!! Congratulations!!! God has given you such a precious gift to add to your incredible family!!!
    Happy tears are flowing and happy dance is goin’ on!

  173. The Rouse House says:

    I love seeing God’s blessings at every turn! His provision for each of you brings my heart great joy! Keep the posts coming – we love following your journey. Sweet dreams Baker 6!

  174. Haley says:

    She already knows how loved she is. That is priceless.

  175. Elizabeth Dains says:

    Sweet girl!!!! This is the best picture ever!!!!!

  176. Popsie says:

    Oh, my. Just too good to be true — except that it is!! So happy for all of you, Sweetie, this is truly a blessed event, and your family is blessed as well. Thanks so much for the pictures. Can’t wait to hold all of you again — including Mia Grace for the first time. God is truly good.

    All my love,


  177. Kendall says:

    Our family has pored over ever picture and are over the moon excited for you! We celebrate the six of you today! Thankful that we serve a God of completion! Love you all!

  178. Leigh Mc says:

    These are your “peeps,” Mia, darling–the ones God planned to love you all your life!!! So happy for the six of you, and thanking God for these precious first days. (Funny thing–God, in His providence–timed the AC failure at my house just right. What else can you do from 12 to 2 a.m. when it’s 85 degrees in your bedroom and too hot to sleep, but pray for people you love???)

  179. Lisa Perry says:

    Crying tears of joy!! Truly SO excited for the Baker 6!!!

  180. Amy says:

    Rejoicing with you and the family God has created !!! Glory to His Name! And thank you for your example of trusting Him and living His grace!

  181. Holly says:

    She is simply beautiful and the completion pic of your family all together is priceless. My heart is full for you! And happy tears, too, for the sweetness of this precious child. She is loved both near and far!

  182. taylor says:

    my favorite photo of Jason ever. what a picture

  183. Annie says:

    What incredible moments! So much joy captured in these pictures and words. The Lord definitely planned a special girl for a special family!

  184. Sarah says:

    Love love love this photo! Praising God for his faithfulness, for all the answered prayers and for your sweet family! She looks so peaceful!

  185. Carol Taylor says:

    I am late joining in on the journey! Now I have read through the whole trip – What anticipation, what excitement, what joy!! Thanks so much for taking us on this journey with you!! There are no words to describe the emotions I am feeling; you are teaching us so much!! This is such a beautiful picture of a family surrounding this precious little one with love, God’s love!! It appears that she is resting in this love, soaking it all in. Praise God!!

  186. Laura says:

    Overwhelmed with joy for you guys. Such a beautiful love story, thank you for sharing these sacred glimpses of a changed life. I am in love with Mia Grace!

  187. Kathe Baker says:

    Susannah and Jason – I am totally absorbed in God’s story with you all and Mia Grace. Beautiful, totally beautiful – I can’t stop reading the blog, looking at the pictures and watching the video of you seeing her for the first time. yesterday I could only praise God all day long for your union with her and for the picture this adoption is of God’s love for each of us. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us so that we can know God’s great love even more. I cannot wait to meet Mia Grace!!!!! love you all – kathe

  188. Cara says:

    I’m loving each picture!! Look at that sweet girl laying on your chest with her eyes wide open…. would love to know what’s going through her mind! All I know is she’s getting an overdose of God’s love for her!

  189. Cimbrey Brannan says:

    Good job Mama! She is developing and attaching so much when she hears your heart beat! She is reminding me so much of Zane at that age. It’s such a blessing for you to be there for milestones like learning to walk! Btw…your big girls have grown a foot since we saw them. They look so grown up!

  190. Vicenta Garcia says:

    Es inevitable llorar de Gozo al ver la Union de familia que Dios a permitido , SeΓ±ora y SeΓ±or Baker su hija MΓ­a Grace esta bien hermosa asΓ­ como Lillian , Lizzie y Caroline.

  191. Teresa Medeiros says:

    what a joy to see you all together . Beautiful pictures , the first day that I saw Mia Grace and all the love that was being poured out on her o my goodness i just cried i couldn’t even see the letters to type . So excited for you all . Can’t wait to see you all back home . Blessings ! Love you all ! Rees and Momo

  192. Bobbye says:

    Ohhhh, the sweet memories of babes falling asleep on my chest and me not moving them for hours because of the tender, sweetness of having them there. I was just telling now 5’11” grand love Cori how I loved having her sleep with me just like that, until her toes reached below my knees and it became less “comfortable” for both of us. I’d hold my babies for so long their little ears would become imprinted on my skin. I know you’re holding onto every moment of your daughter’s growing trust in you. Don’t you know that’s how our Father feels as our trust in Him grows sweeter each day? What a gift, indeed! This little one is experiencing true, selfless love in so many forms. My heart could burst!!! Anxiously waiting for your next word on the melding of your hearts. Love each of you!!!

  193. Laura Grace says:

    What wonderful pictures!! Sweet that she feels safe resting with you πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to meet her and see her sisters loving on her! Love to you all

  194. Teresa Medeiros says:

    I just can’t stop looking at all the pictures . It is just AMAZING what God does ! Wow ! so happy for all of you . She is precious ! The girls are such sweet big sisters !

    • susannahbaker says:

      Your burp cloths traveled all the way with us to China! I. Ant wait for MG to know Teresa’s loving presence! We love you, Rees and Momo!

  195. Steve and Mary Klein says:

    Precious pictures and love Mia Grace on your chest!!! Kaylynn fell asleep like that for a long time and when she was able to talk she told me that she needed to hear my heart beating:) Ours from institutions ate so much too…they were afraid that it might not be available later and it took time for them to know it would. Catherine’s youngest memory is the first morning we had her in Russia and she says she can still remember the Pedicure and bananas that she gobbled down:)

    • susannahbaker says:

      So appreciate your wisdom and insight, Mary. I do keep thinking that when she is sleeping on my chest – that she needs to hear my heart beating just as all babies do. Love and appreciate you! Please keep the insight coming!

  196. Kristen says:

    We are all cheering on Mia Grace this morning! Go sweet girl go! Love that the Lord is so graciously answering our prayers!

  197. Lisa Perry says:

    I’m just melting at seeing her sleeping on her momma’s chest, and I love that the girls are being so helpful. πŸ™‚ There are so many things that only an experience like this can teach…thanks for sharing your thoughts so we can be sponges as well!

  198. Teri B. says:

    The photo of her lying on your chest. Could it be any sweeter? This is such an amazing story, Susannah……the sweetest of testimonies…..trusting the Lord and Mia Grace trusting you. This precious one has NO IDEA how blessed she is to get the family she is getting! I just truly could not be happier for her….or for the Baker family.

  199. Pam Jackson says:

    Hi Bakers,
    Mary Klein shared your blog with me. I’m so happy for ya’ll and jealous at the same time. 20 years ago, I was in China getting my first precious girl. 5 years later, we got our 2nd bundle. Mia reminds me a lot of our oldest, Catherine. It took several months before I felt like she was connecting back to us. She was fairly passive, quiet and observant. She rarely cried. And she also ate everything in sight. Not to worry. Catherine is now a petite size 2. Reading your posts – including 1st bath and hairwash – is like re-living our trips all over again. Enjoy this time together. It is such a sweet gift from the Lord.
    Pam Jackson

    • susannahbaker says:

      Thank you so much, Pam – your words are so encouraging and full of hope! I am praying she responds as your Catherine did and gradually gradually learns to trust and love. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Susannah

  200. Kimberly says:

    Oh my, I just can’t wait to meet her!! I love her eyes and how she seems in tune with all of you. How sweet of the Lord to allow your first memories to be full of tender moments and bonding. And to think she has so many people here waiting to love her too!!

  201. Mia Ince says:

    There are no words…I am speechless. Seeing her on your chest with a look that says, “I’m home.” All our prayers are being answered before our eyes.
    Love you so.

  202. Sarah says:

    What a sweet gift to have such a special bonding time like this with her. Thinking of my Kate, who is the same age, it’s hard to imagine her so willingly do that with someone she’s known for such a short time. So awesome and important for mama and baby. Praying you all get rest in the upcoming days and that all of you continue to have special moments such as these. Xoxo

  203. Maggie Aquaro says:

    Baker family!

    The girls and I are sitting at the airport waiting to go home and they’ve been asking lots of questions about you all! It has been so exiting to watch my own girls excitement over this journey you’re on. They’re so looking forward to seeing Mia Grace with their own eyes and watching her play among her sisters πŸ™‚

    Praying for you sweet friends!

    Much love,

  204. Ana Ince says:

    It breaks my heart to think that she’s learned to keep quiet because no help would come. I’m so glad she’s with you now and will soon learn that she will be heard and comforted. Praying her trust grows and she rest knowing she’s protected and loved. Love you all!

  205. Mia Ince says:

    I’ve been waiting all morning for your post. Tears. But as hard as it is to think about Mia Grace’s past, God is redeeming it by giving her a family who will teach her about Jesus, the Great Redeemer, who will redeem all the negative in her past, turning it to good for her future. I know you know that, but I just need to say it. The love of your (our) family and friends will be used to teach her about how much her Savior loves her. What a little trooper she is and as you’ve said, God will use that “toughness’ for His glory.

    When I saw her sleeping, it seemed obvious to me that God is already healing, because she sleeps with an open trusting-ness (I know that’s not really a word) that she is home and she is safe.

    Love you so.

  206. Bobbye says:

    Sweetest Susannah…you are, indeed, this precious one’s MOTHER! Only a mother could have the emotions you’ve expressed so eloquently. I can only imagine the joy her first smile will bring! Little steps that are so huge to your heart. I know the smiles, tears, and words will come and you’ll have trouble remembering when they were void. God’s love for Mia Grace will move those mountains from her past and make way for a glorious future! Praying for and loving each of you!!!

  207. Teri Bono says:

    I was thinking the same thing “Mia Ince” said—she sleeps with arms wide open in trust. The thought of her not having anyone come when she cried before is so unsettling. But she will learn these things in the arms of a family who WILL be there for her in all things, good and bad. She will learn to trust and she has the best family to help her and love her through it.

  208. Teresa Medeiros says:

    OH sweet SuSu , every morning I can’t wait to check on you all . It is blessing us to read every word you have written . It is all so true . Love all the pictures that speak louder then words . She is no doubt with the right and precious family . One day she will know it all and feel blessed . God is so good . we are continuing to pray for the rest of your journey . Love you much !

  209. Carol Taylor says:

    Yes, tears as I read your post and see the precious pictures. Photos of a loving Mom, loving dad, and 3 wonderful sisters. And photos of a very beautiful, but stoic little girl. I am praying that she will know that you are not leaving her, that she will be loved forever by this family who is already showering her with love. And I am praying that you will see her smile very soon. We love her already and look forward to meeting her.

  210. Cara says:

    All I can say is today is a new day. The past is behind Mia Grace and the Lord has redemptive plans for her going forward. She is loved, cherished, and adored by her Heavenly Father and her NEW family!!! These pictures continue to bring happy tears. Eager to hold her!!!!!

  211. Sarah says:

    Tears here, but also so much hope and joy knowing this precious little girl will be heard, comforted and loved more than anything from here on out. As said above, soon the quietness will be replaced with smiles, laughter, squeals and tears. Praying for each of you. We are so excited to meet her!!

  212. Reichen says:

    Hello Baker fam! We love the updates and pictures, thanks for sharing!! As I read your post today, I thought of Revelation 21:5- He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” Then he said, “write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” We are praying for all of you and for sweet Mia Grace and God’s hand to be upon her as she learns her new family is trustworthy and so is her Heavenly Father! Love you all!!

  213. Carter Moody says:

    Mrs. Baker,
    I want you to know that we are praying for y’all and can’t wait for your daily updates. It took several days for our Peter to smile but it was so worth the wait! I know having three big sisters must be a comfort for Mia Grace and I am so proud of the girls for being such troopers! I know personally it’s a hard trip. Can not wait to see the picture of her smiling face that I know is coming soon! Prayer and more Prayers!

    • susannahbaker says:

      Thank you, Carter. Your words are so full of hope and encouragement. I look forward to the day when Peter and Mia grace can finally meet!

  214. Amy says:

    Sweet baker 6!
    How we love you all. How we celebrate with each post Gods kindness and provision. His revelation of truth and insights to your heart on Mia’s behalf and Hos grace that covers all. I’ve been studying grace so much and God is walking me a long journey in understanding it in my life and this comforts me. The hardest things that He allows in my life are in Hos grace- and as such, they become a gift. Though they look ugly, He makes ALL things new. Even ugly things. The past 18 months of Mia’s life have brought great pain in her tiny soul yet God HEALS, Completely and He is working that healing even now because of His GRACE! Praise Him for His testimony He has given her and the one He has given you and that He has gifted you with each other to walk with. We love you dear ones. Be refreshed in the Hope of CHRIST !

  215. Holly says:

    I hear you on mourning the lack of tears. It is heartbreaking. But slowly, every hug, every cuddle, every soft word is warming up her heart and you will see the day when she expresses true emotion. Right now, together as her family, you are showing her love for the first time; true, unconditional, safe love. She will respond in time. Days ahead will be filled with giggles and cries as she learns that there are now five people who will respond to her need to be heard and loved. How great is this story going to be! thank you for sharing the ups and downs. We all love her so.

  216. Berger Family says:

    Susannah, the picture of her little tiny arm over Jason’s big strong arm is touching as well as you holding her protectively at the doctor’s office. A picture of our Heavenly Father’s love and protection. She is adorable. You all are loving on her so well and showing her so much of Christ’s love, compassion and tenderness. I pray His perfect love will cast out all her silent fears. I wonder if she also faced negative consequences for crying in the past and if she never really heard much crying as well. Thinking and praying for all of you. So happy she passed her tests. Have fun at the zoo. I wonder what her favorite animal will be. If you find a cute little animal book in the zoo bookstore, you could get it and date it and all of you could put your names on it as a keepsake memory for her to look at and add to her bookshelf. Praying for all of you.

  217. Kendall says:

    I agree with your Mom about her trusting posture as she sleeps! We go to bed excited to hear about the day at the zoo and pondering how God already knows the moment she will peep and what a celebration it will be for her sweet family to hear.

  218. Teri Bono says:

    I never thought I’d say this, but “YAY FOR CRYING!” and an even bigger YAY for you being there to comfort her so she can start putting those two things together! Praying for all sickness to go away NOW! πŸ™‚

  219. Ana Ince says:

    Praying for healing in Jesus name!!!!

    I love that video of Caroline, she will be a great big sister!

  220. Barbara "Baker" jones says:

    Caroline! oh my goodness that video, haha, “Daddy i got her,” annnnnd cue the smile πŸ™‚
    love your sweet girls!
    praying for quick healing and days of smiles!

  221. Bobbye says:

    I’m so sorry you girls are feeling a bit puny, but God is also in this! I love how He used that “alone time” for you and MG to have those moments of bonding and her trust in you growing. And! That video of Caroline had me grinning ear to ear! What a proud big sister! She will fall right into her new place in the lineup with God’s grace.
    Praying for your rest and healing, sweet girl. You’ve taken on a lot in the past week and I believe He called you to, “be still”. Love you so!!!

  222. Steve and Mary Klein says:

    Yea for the huge progress of crying when hurt, Yea for wanting to be picked up! It is a strange thing to see a child get hurt and not cry….and when they do reach out for help, those are big victories for us adoptive moms:) It really is true that in order for a child to be healthily independent they have to learn deep dependence first…so yea Mia Grace for starting to learning you can be dependent on someone to meet your needs:) I love the quote…”When children are harmed in relationship (or lack of), they will only heal in and through healthy relationship.” Mia Grace has been surrounded in healthy relationships this week and she will begin to heal:) Praying for your physical healing and for your trip tomorrow. It is a big day, and it will be wonderful to have all the pictures and information from the orphanage to help Mia Grace piece her story together in the future:)

  223. Teresa Medeiros says:

    Praying for you both to get well , and for the rest of the family to enjoy time together . Much love , Rees ! πŸ™‚

  224. Her Mia says:

    Loved Caroline’s smile on the video! Her tenacity serves her well. Praying for Jesus to visit you and Lillian as you sleep and touch you w His power to heal.
    Love you so.

  225. Shelley says:

    I was LOL picturing Jason at the zoo!!

  226. Kathy says:

    Praying!!! Love you all so!!!!

  227. Mary Shannon Ratliff says:

    Susannah –
    I have loved following your journey with Mia Grace. You have such a gift of communicating the story of your journey. You are a precious mom and Mia Grace is blessed to have joined the Baker family. The pictures are so sweet.
    I love you and am praying that you feel better soon, as well as your family.
    Love you,

  228. April Harrison says:

    Susannah I found your blog!! And so excited you have Mia Grace now. What sweet blessing she is. Thank you for writing each day and letting us know how we can pray. I am lifting up the Baker 6 and praying specifically for physical healing and protection. Excited to hear about your day tomorrow too!

  229. Amy says:

    Love you dear ones and Praising the Lord that His grace is clearly seen in sickness and in health! Asking for health for all of you and even more for depth of bonding and strength and dependence on Him for each moment.

  230. Cimbrey says:

    Susannah, I can see that God is working in you so much through this experience. That grief will turn to joy as you see God restore, heal, and bring about life in Mia Grace. The boy we met in Ethiopia four years ago this month was somber, frightened, and quiet, much like Mia Grace. Now, I would never use those words to characterize him! He’s full of life, joy, and he’s so friendly! God truly makes ALL THINGS NEW. What a blessing that he is using you and Jason to communicate is love, care, and healing to Mia Grace. You may be tired, but you are doing AMAZING WORK every day. You all are experiencing a foreign country and all it’s different sights, sounds, smells, processing the new dynamic of your family, and bonding with a child that you passionately want to understand how much you love her. Wow. It’s no wonder you all are tired!!! By the way…Mark would like to know how Jason’s heart is. LOL!

    • susannahbaker says:

      Hah! Great, great question from Mark! Jason’s heart, of course, seems to be holding us all together. He is tired too but pretty smitten with Mia Grace πŸ™‚

  231. Cimbrey says:

    Rest, Susannah, in the arms of Jesus. He carries you. He’s carrying all of you. I pray for miraculous healing tonight as you sleep, clarity of mind, strength for your body. I pray Lilian is shielded from serious illness and that it is just a small bug. And I pray that all of you will remain steadfast, strong, alert, and ready to pour out your love each day on Mia Grace. Jesus will do it all through you. I love you, sister. Goodnight. (Love being in the same-ish time zone!)

  232. Bobbye says:

    I can hardly see the page through a fog of tears, imagining all you witnessed and remembering my niece and her husband giving a very similar account when they adopted their son from Russia. She said the hardest thing was leaving all those other babies behind. Your heart is so pure, Susannah. God has filled you with His pure love for these children. I can’t bear the image of “the hatch” and of parents being so tugged at the heart in deciding to drop off their baby. My heart hurts and my prayers intensify. Bless you for rescuing God’s child, Mia Grace. Love you all with a grateful heart.

  233. Teri B. says:

    “Baby Hatch”…… I can’t get that phrase out of my head. It breaks my heart.

  234. Catalina Booth says:

    Such heart break. It reminds me of the day Cs birth mom placed her in my arms. I almost threw up from the heart ache for her birth mom. Praying for y’all. And sharing your post.

    • susannahbaker says:

      Cat, it is so good to hear from you! Thanks so much for your encouragement and your prayers through this process. How great to know you are an adoptive momma too. Thank you for sharing part of your story as well.

  235. Teresa Medeiros says:

    I am overwhelmed , can’t even imagine how you all feel , but what joy it gives us is seeing the 4 daughters that God has blessed you and Jason all together as a family . Mia Grace looks so secure in your snuggle carrier . Puts big smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts . Much love to you all . Rees and Momo πŸ™‚

  236. Mia Ince says:

    Thank you for that word. I only wish your dad and I were young enough to adopt. That thought was not ever on our radar for some reason, but praise God that God is putting that on the radar of your generation. But we will help care for any adopted grand children that God sends our way! I noticed that Mia Grace’s bed was the only one with a picture over it….He has had His Hand over her in many ways. Praying you and Lillian will awaken virus free.
    Love you so.

  237. Allison Sykes says:

    Praying healing for y’all! It is overwhelming to think that something called a baby hatch exists! As I have followed your journey I am in awe of the Lord and his perfect plan for our lives. Even as Mia Grace was placed at the baby hatch the Lord had a great plan for her!! She will be able to testify of that reality all the days of her life due to your obedience in taking that faith step toward adoption.

  238. Kristen says:

    I am crying over the 999 left behind,picturing my P in a Chinese body. Lord, move us to action.
    Praying for your health and Lils too. Love yall.

  239. Laura Grace says:

    Grateful y’all have a picture of what Mia Grace’s home looked and felt like.. and the sweet hands that cared for her! Continuing to pray for you and Lils.. love to you all!!

  240. Lindsay says:

    wow….I have chills. Head to toe. Hard to even put into words a comment that can fit in this little box. Thank you for your pouring out your heart so eloquently in this post.

  241. Amy moody says:

    Susannah thank you for your boldness in sharing. Asking the Lord to find families for the many many thousands of His precious ones and thankful He knows intimately each one of them . Rejoicing over the mighty inheritance He has for Mia Grace! Our God is mighty to save and redeem!
    Jehovah Rapha we ask you heal Susannah and Lillian as they sleep peacefully in Your presence .

  242. Joanna says:

    Praying for you to feel completely well tomorrow! And continuing to pray for your family walks with Mia Grace through this transition! Love you

  243. Elizabeth says:

    Susannah, I would love to talk with you and Jason about this! Love to yall!

  244. Mary Shannon Ratliff says:

    What a gift you have given us allowing us to walk through this journey with you. The idea of dropping your baby off at an unknown place with people you do not know is one that is sobering and hard to bear. Sus, thank you for all the details of your journey with Jason and your now 4 precious girls!
    Love you all!

  245. Dick and Patricia Carlson, Washington DC says:

    Dear Susannah and Jason. Your families personal adventure is a Lovely and very interesting story. We look forward to meeting Mia Grace some day. Love from Aunt Patsy and Uncle Dick

  246. Jess says:


    Thank you so much for posting these precious pictures and putting your beautiful words to them!! It is such a blessing to be able to follow you all on this incredible journey! Mia Grace is absolutely precious and we cannot wait to meet her!!! Our hearts are rejoicing in all that God has done!!!

    Love to the Baker 6!!

  247. Jamia Harris says:

    My husband and I adopted our 3 boys through the foster care system. It was an extremely stressful and difficult year for us (and we were incredibly blessed that it was a very quick 15-month process for us). I would ask that we not only pray for willing parents to take the step toward the journey of adoption, whatever the route chosen, but that God would open the doors and pave the way through the paperwork, the waiting, the bureaucracy, the tears of frustration, and the fear of losing that which one so desires when one embarks on this journey.

  248. Bobbye says:

    Tears of joy at hearing that giggle!!! There’s just nothing sweeter than that sound. I’m so thankful you and Lillian are on the mend and praying that Jason’s issues end today! Lord, pour your healing protection over this sweet family. His grace truly is sufficient.

  249. Traci says:

    Oh Susannah!! I have been patiently waiting since Friday for the next post…the sound of MG’s laughter might be the best thin g I have ever heard!! I can’t stop watching…what a precious gift! Love you guys and can’t wait to meet her

  250. Kristen says:

    McDonalds IS such a treat in China. A cheeseburger never tasted so good! That laugh was the best and brought a huge smile to our faces!

  251. Margaret Austin says:

    Oh my, that laughing undid me! I was crying trying to read it aloud to Thomas. I have an alarm set every day at 3pm to pray and I’ve been praying for her to smile/laugh soon!

    • susannahbaker says:

      That alarm is so precious, Margaret – thank you! Your prayers are powerful and effective. Love you sister!

  252. Kimberly says:

    From Bridget- “I thought Mia Grace was cute when she laughed! I miss all of you. I’m excited to see her when you come back.”
    From Sam- “I kinda like looking at the dead king’s teeth. I miss Caroline.”
    Wow!!! I loved these two post. Such a HUGE answer to prayer hearing that laugh!!! That just made my day. I am so thankful you are keeping us a part of your China trip, but I’m in agreement with my kids…I miss you all a ton!

  253. Elizabeth says:

    Sweetest sound in the world! How old is Mia Grace?

  254. CrazyAuntAnn says:

    The market brought back so many memories! Now I miss it. Thanks so much for the pictures. And the Laughing video – priceless.

  255. Kathy says:

    Being that baby over!!! but leave the king’s teeth there. ;-p Looooove this!!! Laugh… The universal language of JOY!!!

  256. Kay says:

    I so remember all the wild and crazy things they have in the markets! So amazing! so happy for ya’ll

  257. Teri Bono says:

    I can’t open the videos at home, but I can’t wait to hear MG’s laugh tomorrow when I get to work! πŸ™‚

  258. Mia Ince says:

    That laugh is SO CUTE!!! And I would suggest that IS her first smile, but just in laughing form…she has a HUGE SMILE on her face while her daddy is tickling her! Love it! And I love you all and cannot wait to see each one of you. And of course, hug my new granddaughter!

  259. Mia Ince says:

    I love how happy and content Lizzie and Caroline look… and pleased with their roles as big sisters to Mia Grace. So glad you had a happy, good day!
    Love you so.

  260. Steve and Mary Klein says:

    What a joy to read this and the next post about Shamian Island! We stayed on Shamian Island when we adopted Kaylynn:) Can’t tell you how much joy we have had watching the video of Mia Grace’s laugh…all of us are rejoicing with you all! And I think that I see a little smile on her face eating that French fry:) Definitely seeing her whole countenance change before our eyes in the pictures. That’s the miracle of adoption – not just the event, but the transformation too. I asked Kaylynn what she thought has been going through Mia Grace’s mind and she just said one word – “fear.” But thank you for allowing us all to see Mia Grace’s beginnings of exchanging fear for trust and ‘felt safety’ and getting to hear her starting to use her God-given voice and what a precious voice she has! And how precious that she saw the response from her daddy and sister to her voice. Just beautiful! Ps 115:1-2 “I love the Lord because He hears my voice and my supplications. Because He has inclined His ear to me, therefore, I shall call upon Him as long as I live.”

  261. Sarah says:

    I love that sweet little laugh!!! What a treat! We’ve laughed and laughed watching it. I’m so thankful you’re feeling better and praying for everyone else to mend and stay healthy. Can’t wait to see and hear more laughter!

  262. Teri Bono says:


  263. Kendall says:

    Mia Grace’s laugh! What a glorious sound. We can hardly wait for that cute mermaid to join her sisters in our pool. We are praying, anticipating your homecoming and love each of the Baker 6! Xxoo

  264. Teri Bono says:

    It’s a privilege to lift these families to our Father as well as the Baker 6. He is so sweet and so faithful to hear and answer.
    I do disagree pretty big with one thing in this blog post, Susannah: “anyone who knows me well can tell you that – sacrificial love isn’t exactly my forte”—I’ve witnessed your sacrificial love on so many occasions where you didn’t know you were even being watched. πŸ™‚

    Praying for your family and all the ones mentioned above………….

  265. Annie Barnes says:

    Thank you so much for sharing The Family experiences with new sister Mia. My heart is filled with joy to know she has had her first of many laughs as she learns “trust” and “security” from her earthly parents. I pray she will come to have a joy filled relationship with her heavenly father someday too – that she will learn to trust Him and the security He gives us all.

  266. Cimbrey Brannan says:

    Thanks for saying it Susannah! Adoption is a blessing for all involved, and I felt the same feelings in Ethiopia seeing so many waiting for forever families. Hope more people will take this risk that offers such huge reward.

  267. Her Mia says:

    Thank you for taking the time each day to journal about this trip to adopt sweet Mia Grace. Your blog may seem like a small thing but it’s impacting many people, causing us all to think abt something near and dear to God’s heart. Your blog is like a penny being thrown into a lake; the penny is small but it makes many ripples that go out and affect change. Tell those dear families that The Body of Christ is praying for them in Houston Texas.
    Love you so.

  268. Bobbye says:

    I was sitting at the car dealership getting things checked when I read this. I had to splash cold water on my face, reading about the selfless families going where there is such a need. I’ve prayed on and off all day, as the Lord has kept these unknown faces before me and in my heart. I am so humbled to hear about all these selfless people! It truly is a privilege to lift them before our Father.

    Thank you, sweet Susannah, for taking the time to give us a peek into what you and your precious ones are experiencing. God is surely working through you! My eyes and heart have been opened to such things I never would’ve known. I feel a great urgency to pray for all these families, especially for yours.

    Love you dearly, sweet girl….

  269. Cara says:

    We prayed as a family tonight for Kelly and Adam. I hope you will stay in contact with them so we can hear how the Lord answers all of the prayers for their little one. I know it’s encouraging to meet these other precious families. I’m encouraged and blessed by them and love them from afar. Hope Jason is feeling better. We also prayed that yall would ALL come home feeling 100%. The Lord is strengthening you each day. Love the thought of yall hiking the mountain trying to understand the Chinese signs…. gave me a good laugh. Love you!

  270. Laura Grace says:

    SO awesome to see that smile!!! I can’t wait to hear that belly laugh in person πŸ™‚ Love to you all

  271. Mel says:

    Oh my goodness!!!! THE cutest girls ever!!!! What precious pictures!!! We are missing y’all so much! We are so blessed and uplifted each time one of your blog entries pops up on my email. Loving following your moments!

  272. Bobbye says:

    The girls look so beautiful and proud to model their outfits! That picture of Mia Grace smiling at her Daddy just brought chills and Jesus bumps!!! I’m so thankful for each day and each little glimpse that shows she’s becoming more and more a ” Baker girl”! Blessings on your day!!!!

  273. Bobbye says:

    Absolutely!!! (I saved that picture of MG smiling at her Daddy so I can look at it and feel that moment over and over!)

  274. Margaret Austin says:

    Praying for the visa and for kind workers who know Him to help you quickly! And for the workers to be encouraged by your family and story.

  275. Cara says:

    These pictures make me smile so BIG!! I laughed out loud at the one of MG looking up at Caroline, as she looks like she sliding right through Caroline’s arms. Those two r going to be tight!

  276. Cara says:

    He has gone before yall so beautifully… I know He will continue to do so. Can’t wait to get MG home!!!

  277. Jacky says:

    Homestretch! Praying!

  278. McDaniel family says:

    Love all the pictures and updates. Praying for a smooth transition through the consulate. Can’t wait to see MG smiling face soon.

  279. maggie aquaro says:

    Susannah and Jason,

    You are in the homestretch! We’ve been talking about you all, praying for you and so looking forward to your return home to Houston with your newest addition.

    Praying that today goes smoothly, that you will once again see the Lord making a path and writing a beautiful story through your family.

    Much love to you all,

  280. Mary Shannon says:


  281. Reichen says:

    Praying! HE’s totally got this!! Hugs

  282. Elizabeth says:

    Daddy’s girl already!!

  283. Shelley says:

    The picture of MG and Jason is priceless!!!

  284. Her Mia says:

    What can I say…it’s all been said! I’m missing you all and can’t wait to see your faces in person!
    Love you so.

  285. Her Mia says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I can’t wait to see Mia Grace
    And the rest of you too!
    Love you so.

  286. Steve and Mary Klein says:

    Praying! This is an exciting step to Mia Grace becoming a US citizen!!!

  287. Steve and Mary Klein says:

    Beautiful…just beautiful:)

  288. Julie Leon says:

    Dearest Susannah, Just yesterday I finally caught up on all your posts. I had only had the chance to read a couple of the posts before yesterday, so it was amazing to read through the gamut of emotions all at once, and to experience them myself – the anticipation and anxiety, the words from God of peace and rest, the excitement and joy, the fear and hopes, the laughter, the inspiration. Tears rolled down my eyes many times, for various reasons, and my heart welled up with joy so many times. As others have said, thank you for taking the time to take us along on the journey through posting pictures and telling stories. It truly has been a gift to us. The pictures are amazing. Seeing you and Jason and the older girls with Mia Grace is all just so incredibly beautiful. It is such a powerful experience to “go there with you,” Susannah. And thank you for challenging us in one of your posts in regards to the Scriptural mandate to care for orphans and widows, and not to delay in responding and “wait for the call.” Thank you also for sharing about these families who are also laying down their lives in such sacrificial ways. I am challenged by all of you to keep pressing on into the heart of God and hold nothing back. To lose my life that I might find it. I so look forward to seeing you all and meeting Mia Grace after things settle down a bit and you all are more settled in as a family. Lots of love!! – Julie

  289. Dick and Patricia Carlson, Washington DC says:

    We are praying that all goes well and that you bring Mia Grace safely home to Houston. Love from Dick and Patricia

  290. Sarah says:

    Praying!! Loved that beautiful smile!!!

  291. LAUREN BAKER says:

    Whoo hooo! Praise God for fun dress up days with sisters, smiles and giggles!
    Love you guys.

  292. Nona says:

    Love this picture of the 6 of you… Such a beautiful family! Can’t wait to meet Mia Grace!!! Safe travels home- will be praying!! Love you!

  293. Cara says:

    Yee haw….. MG is almost officially a U.S. Citizen!!!!! I want to see her in a pair of Caroline’s old cowgirl boots!!! Almost there…. HOME!!!
    Praying for these last few days for yall and for Adam and Kelly. Love each of you!!!!!

  294. Bobbye says:

    Oh, my sweet little friend!! God has, indeed, confirmed this was meant for you! I’ve prayed in the middle of the nights for your new friends and their baby girl. Thank you for the specifics!

    I’m sad that as you’re returning, I’m leaving! I’ll be gone a week but will certainly be in touch when I return. Mercy and grace are your attendants. That, and His great love for you and your sweet family of six! Love you!

  295. Lisa Perry says:

    Praising God and praying, lots of praying!!!

  296. Jen says:

    So exciting and thankful everything went smoothly! Can’t wait to see you all!

  297. Teri Bono says:

    I am praying fervently for Kelly and Adam and that baby girl….for sweet, sweet, peaceful sleep on that plane.
    So excited for all of you. Hope I can meet Mia Grace one day too. πŸ™‚

  298. CrazyAuntAnn says:

    Well it’s about time. I love you all.

  299. Mia says:

    Ditto to Crazy Aunt Ann!!! Yeehaw, Texas awaits you all!
    Love you so.

  300. Laura Grace says:

    Woohoo!!! So glad she’s Texas bound! Wishing Uncle Josh and I could be there to hug her, and each of you, at the airport!

  301. Bobbye says:

    With open arms and hearts, you will be WELCOMED HOME!!!!

  302. Jen says:

    This final post brought tears of joy! Praying for a safe and easy journey home. Love you all, see you soon!

  303. Carri says:

    THRILLED FOR Y’ALL!!! Praising God for the Baker 6!!!
    Continue to lift y’all up in prayer.
    HUGS and WHOOP from the Moores!

  304. Teresa Medeiros says:

    Praying for a smooth flight home . Many blessings ! OXOXOX

  305. Stacy says:

    I have LOVED following your journey!! So thankful you are on your final stretch….wishing I could be there at the airport. Praying for you all as you transition to life at home as a family of 6. Love yall!! Can’t wait to meet that precious girl!

  306. Berger Family says:

    Praying for all of you. Praying for smooth, easy flights and easy transitions through all connections, security checks and immigration processing. I hope MG enjoys her first flights tremendously. What an adventure!

  307. Kristen says:

    Praying you HOME!

  308. Annie Barnes says:

    Yippie! Love those return flights back to the States. Will be praying for smooth flying, rest and a smooth transition for your family these next few weeks and months. Love you all.

  309. margaret says:

    praying you home! My boys have done the best with suckers for take off and landing. I now buy them in bulk at whole foods and give them to other passenger’s children. Praying the flight ends up being wonderful snuggle time….because God can do that!

  310. Lisa Perry says:

    Praying for only happy tears for the next couple of days! What a JOY this journey is, and it’s only just beginning!! Love you guys!

  311. Elizabeth says:

    Praying for an uneventful plane flight for everyone! Please keep posting once you get home too!!!!!

  312. Mia Ince says:

    It’s FINALLY TIME to bring that little girl home! I have tears of joy just thinking about meeting her for the first time and seeing all of you, because you’ve been sorely missed. She looks so angelic while sleeping and her hair reminds me of Jason’s hair in the front!
    Godspeed home!
    Love you so.

  313. Kathy says:

    Love the imagery of being a US citizen in another land. Just like we are as believers… Heaven’s citizens, temporarily living on foreign soil… A rich analogy.
    We can not wait to see y’all! Love you so!!!!!!!

  314. Sarah says:

    Praying for a safe and smooth trip back home! So excited for you guys and this new chapter of your lives! I can’t wait to meet MG!!!! Xoxo

  315. Teri B. says:

    Simply beautiful. Welcome home!

  316. Elizabeth says:

    SO many of these pictures make me cry but my two favorites are with Mrs. Baker and the one with Haley! Mia Grace is so so loved!

  317. Lindsay says:

    I can’t WAIT to meet this angel!!!!! She’s precious !

  318. Mia Ince says:

    Welcome Home Mia Grace!
    Love you so.

  319. Bobbye says:

    My heart is so humbled and grateful to you, Lord, for ordaining this sweet family of SIX!

  320. Mia Ince says:

    Praying God’s comfort covers Mia Grace’s heart and His peace covers you all!
    Sleep well.
    Love you so

  321. Bobbye says:

    And in January, Lord willing, I look forward to making the first Mia Grace birthday cake! I’ve imagined your nights of soothing her and comforting her. What a gift that she’s looking to you as YOU look to the Lord. ..for love, comfort, and GRACE! I loved these pictures. Such unconditional love for this precious one…and I can hardly wait to love on her!

  322. Amy says:

    What a joyous homecoming !!!! Praising God for His faithfulness in China and His continued faithfulness here in the US as you all transition in the days ahead !

  323. Margaret Austin says:

    Sus, thanks for making me weep uncontrollably on a Monday morning! I was awake for no apparent reason last night (Sunday) from 4-6am (3-5am your time) and I kept praying for MG and you and hoping to hear news of your safe arrival and prayed for sleep for you all. Much much love!

  324. Ana Ince says:

    Oh my! I love how much fun you’re all having with her. She’s gonna feel at home soon, I just know it! Keep loving her like you do. Thanks for sharing all the updates with us!

  325. Stephanie says:

    Praying for you all! Thank you for blessing us with your posts. Love all of the pics!

  326. Sarah says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant or simply because of how amazing these pictures are, but I’m practically bawling I’m crying such big tears of joy! Just awesome!!!

  327. Mia Ince says:

    So fun seeing her firsts. Popsie will be very pleased she likes ice cream!

  328. Bobbye says:

    These pictures show a little toddler girl settling in and loving it!!!

  329. Teresa Medeiros says:

    Mia Grace ! You keep me smiling and sometimes i cry and sometimes i laugh. So sweet ! I love all the pictures .

  330. Cara says:

    You can’t be a Baker if u don’t like milkshakes…. MG passed the test! Love the pic with the tongue sticking out… cracked me up! We r counting down the days till we get to put our hands on her!!!

  331. Sarah says:

    How fun to experience all these firsts with her!! Cake and now milkshakes… She’s a lucky girl!!

  332. Bobbye says:

    God is using you in so many ways to teach us His ways through your precious gift. Thank you for this lesson in smiling. I promise I will!!

  333. Amy says:

    Love you dear friend and confident of God’s work to draw people to Himself- even in the midst of the stares. Praying you would be protected from lies that creep in in the unknowns of those stares and you would grow even stronger in grace. I pray that I get to smile at Yall in person SOON!

  334. Laura says:

    Thanks for this Sue. Growing up with a dad who walked on crutches, I became accustomed to lots of stares from strangers early on. Such a good reminder to people. For the love, smile!! Trying to help kids with this lesson is especially challenging! You are making such a difference, thank you friend.

  335. Cara says:

    This pic is so sweet it makes me want to cry!! I love that MG was comforted by Caroline. Thanks for the reminder of smiling with my stares…. I’m the queen of staring and sometimes I don’t even realize that I’m doing it. I’m just fascinated by people! I love you and your continued life lesson reminders!

  336. Stephanie says:

    Smiles from Beaumont!

  337. taylor says:

    The pic at the end is the best part. Made me . . . smile. Love.

  338. Teresa Medeiros says:

    Jason and Susu , before going to bed i just wanted to check on your day ! I am glad I did , it just blessed me and made me laugh to hear her laugh with her daddy . Sweet sound . Can’t wait to meet her πŸ™‚

  339. Bobbye says:

    I can’t begin to describe to you the effects this new ministry of yours has had on this heart of mine. To hear how the Lord unfolds each day, each new experience, each forward step blesses me so and also is a lesson in trusting. My heart leaps with joy every time I read of new progress with your precious baby girl. I’m also humbled by His sweet grace and love that covers every detail of your lives. I can’t wait to meet this little one who’s stolen my heart and to give you a hug. “And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve what is excellent and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.” Phil 1:8-10

  340. Lindsay E says:

    Each time there is a video I end up watching it (at least) 4 or 5 times! Love it! Rejoicing in the victories!!!!!

  341. Kendall says:

    What a laugh! Joy!

  342. Kendall says:

    She is truly her Daddy’s daughter!

  343. Mia Ince says:

    I know how hard it must be for you to feel like the center of attention when you go out, for you’ve always shied away from wanting to be the focal point, from the time you were very small but here God has you in a place to be the focal point! I know our God will give you the grace to be the first to smile at those who are staring. And perhaps that person will know a bit of Jesus through that grace-filled smile that He has given you to give to others!
    Love you so.

  344. Tera says:

    Welcome home! A mutual friend shared your blog with me. Congratulations on your newest daughter! We also have 4 little girls, two homegrown and 2 from China…with another little girl due to arrive in November! Our China girls also came to us at 18mo and 19mo. Such a fun age! Here’s my blog… Congrats again! Mia Grace is precious!

    • susannahbaker says:

      Thank you so much! I look so forward to reading your blog as well, and congratulations on baby girl due in November – so fun!

  345. Leigh Mc says:

    Oh, that smile. Those eyes. Thanks, Sus, for sharing your joy and those less-than-perfect moments, too. (Did the stroller survive?) Love you Bakers, each and every one.

    • susannahbaker says:

      The stroller…survived! Truly a miracle! Even the guy who flagged me down was dumbfounded. I think it was God’s grace to a mush headed mom πŸ™‚

  346. cara says:

    There is nothing funnier or cuter than two little ones staring at each other. You just never know what’s about to happen…
    Baby Susu and MG will be great friends!!!

  347. Sarah says:

    Love that beautiful smile!!

  348. Kristen says:

    I am laughing so hard! Love that Cara! I also think it is awesome you took Mia Grace to cheerleading camp. Best aunt/mom ever!

  349. Teri B. says:

    I simply love every single thing about this post………from Carla picking up the poop, to those beautiful girls, who I hardly recognize anymore (miss them so much), to the swapped faces. Love, love, love!

  350. Bobbye says:

    I laughed, I cried. I oohed and ahhd. My heart is bursting with love for this child and, of course, my precious Baker/Berkman and Cara included! I take my San Marcos girls home this weekend. Get ready for Nana Bobbye hugs next week!!!

  351. Margaret Austin says:

    This is precious! Will never forget when Jason didn’t shoot the raccoon at the ranch and he was accused of being a softy girl dad

  352. Bobbye says:

    I’ve so missed you but knew your time was being spent creating a new normal. This spoke to my soul and a weary spirit. I needed to read this!

    I look daily for my special gift to MG to be delivered! As soon as it is, you will get a call. Prayers continue and so much love is sent your way!

  353. Diane VZC says:

    Love seeing you and the girls. What a beautiful family. I love you so and am so very proud of you and Jason. God is very, very good and I see that in the pictures of your family. Joy!!!

  354. April Harrison says:

    It is so good to hear from you again! What a wonderful, restful trip. Love the pictures too. Glad you got a little rejuvenation before the school year starts again.

  355. Teri says:

    O sweet Susannah, you have no idea how I needed these words today. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  356. Julie Leon says:

    Susannah, it’s so wonderful to hear how you and your family are doing!! I just had a huge smile on my face as I read this post. I am so happy you all were able to take a week away at the beach and soak in the “I love you… I love you… I love you…” from God that you saw pictured in the waves. I heard that for myself as I read your post, and it’s so beautiful, so refreshing. I can only imagine how exhausted you must feel. I have exhausting days with all the normal developmental challenges and ups and downs of two toddlers, but that added to the adjustment sweet Mia Grace is going through, as you said, with language, food, relationships, places, all being so new and different, I just can’t imagine!! I’m glad you felt the freedom to take time off writing on your blog, and please continue to take the time off you need. I love you, and hope to see you sometime soon!! πŸ™‚ By the way, we are reading The Envy of Eve in our moms’ group this fall, and everyone is loving it!!!

    • susannahbaker says:

      Thank you, Jules – so good to hear from you! And thankful your group is enjoying The Envy of Eve – “enjoy” might not be the right word…more like convicted to the core, but in the best kind of way πŸ™‚ Love you and think of you often.

  357. Carri Moore says:

    YES – we can relate! We have been told from Brian’s dad that being a grandparent means they get to say “yes” to the grandkids for everything they had said “no” to their own kids. Guess we just have to hang on during the wild adventure of parenting until we earn that title of being a Grandparent! Grandparents are the best!!

  358. cara says:

    HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I know what grandmother that was bc the other grandmother wouldn’t even let her girl have a cabbage patch kid…. much less a barbie! I settled for a plastic faced doll. I think I even paid Teresa to make an outfit for it so I didn’t have to take it to the party naked!
    Great blog… great question!?!?!?!?!

  359. Mia Ince says:

    Actually, I finally DID let you have a barbie doll and when I did, you played with it for about a week and then never looked at it again! As for the book….well it was the only book she saw that she really wanted and well….what’s a grandmother to do??!!!

  360. Teresa Medeiros says:

    Great pictures !
    Mia Grace fits right in with the family . Wow what a blessing ! Love you all .

  361. Teresa Medeiros says:

    Beautiful Family ! Love you all .

  362. Teri says:

    Simply beautiful. Thank you, Susannah.

  363. Margaret Austin says:

    Sus, these words were spot on for me! Thomas has worked crazy hours this week and I feel like all Ive done is yell at my kids. This was so encouraging! I love you and I love that pic of the girls with MG in the basket. Lil’s tshirt is my favorite part! Love you!

  364. Annie Barnes says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I need to go to the table of my Savior. Love the pics of the girls – the circus is fun!

  365. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for sharing Susannah. Your words are an encouragement!

  366. Diane Van Zandt Chambers says:

    Just simply– beautiful. DVZC

  367. Diane Van Zandt Chambers says:

    Just simply- beautiful.

  368. Mia Ince says:

    Beautiful and so true. Thank you for sharing what’s in your heart.

  369. Diane VZ Chambers says:

    Thank you for this. I am going to share it with some of the Griefshare people in the class. Beautiful and so very true. Love you, d

  370. Melinda says:

    Thank you for this. Love and prayers from Mozambique!

  371. Bobbye says:

    Much love from this grateful heart to have read your wisdom shared.

  372. Diane VZ Chambers says:

    Good people talented at what we are not run the world!!!!! Love them!!! Glad you are surrounded! God is good. Love being in touch again. Always, you are part of my heart, d

  373. Jennifer says:

    I love the Baker 6 and I’m so thankful for you all! It’s such a blessing to be a part of a wonderful work family. I can’t wait to see you all tomorrow!

  374. Melinda says:

    “Orphan habits die hard.” Yes, with 25 years of ministering amongst orphans, I am so aware of this truth. Yet, as you are seeing as well, there is also miraculous transformation when a steady faithful input of love is given. It is definitely a journey, and probably in the beginning, God in His grace, keeps people from realizing how hard it is going to be. “The call” and “obedience” and “love” are what drive people forward in the beginning, and what is needed more than a fear of difficulty. Of course, what will sustain you in the journey is also “the call” and “obedience” and “love,” but then also, a better awareness and experience of the hardships. Yet long-suffering is included in the definition of love, as is joy.

    Well my friend, I am rambling a bit, but it is my 12th anniversary and David and I are about to take off for our first ‘vacation trip’ in Mozambique since we arrived almost 2 years ago, so must cut my thoughts short to go celebrate God’s gift of love. Your blog photo at the top propels me, as we are going to the beach for the first time. Two whole days. Yay and yabba dabba!

    7 Love patiently accepts all things. It always trusts, always hopes, and always endures.

    8 Love never ends.

  375. Lisa Perry says:

    I could watch that video over and over…she is so precious! What a gift for her to have 3 big sisters, and what a gift for the 3 bigs to know that they are role models for her. Thanks for sharing and reminding of our big need for grace. Thank you Lord that your mercies are new every morning! Can’t wait to listen to the lesson and read through your notes when I have a bit more time! Love you!

  376. CrazyAuntAnn says:

    Good choice of reading material, MG. Biography is my favorite too.

  377. Melinda says:

    Love this and look forward to all you have to share from the margins of your life. I need to follow your footsteps, for I am always waiting for the time to write “deep thoughts’ that are given space to dig below the surface. But seldom does that time present itself to this missionary. In fact, I remember once having so many people encourage me to write a book, so I decided to try. I would shut the door of my room at the orphanage, and before long, there would be a knock. I would try to ignore it at first. I would try to put boundaries on when I was to be left alone for some quiet space. But orphans hungry for love in a relationship-based culture don’t understand white Westerners demand for solitude very well. So, eventually, I would have to open the door as there was no way they were going to go away or stop calling my name. Almost immediately I’d have one or two kids on my lap fighting for space, and a few others playing happily in the room. No, I didn’t get much writing done with that set-up, but somehow, I think perhaps the open door was more important than me yelling through a closed door, “Leave me alone! I’m trying to write a book about how to love you well!”

    • susannahbaker says:

      Thank you, Melinda – I needed to hear that from you today! I just sat down to write after trying all week, and I’ve had three knocks on my door in ten minutes representing three needs. A loving response is more important than a finished product – thank you for a much needed reminder in the margin of my moments! You model for me how to love others so well – you always have. Thank you for what you do –

  378. Stephanie says:

    Can’t wait to read your margins! Website looks fabulous!

  379. Maggie Aquaro says:

    So honored to watch how the Lord has used and will continue to use this study in the lives of women all around the globe!

  380. Sarah Fuselier says:

    So excited for this blog and book to come out!!! Thanks for being faithful and inspiring the rest of us, Susannah.

  381. Your mom says:

    Thank you for your transparency. We can all identify.

  382. Melinda says:

    LOVE the photo of the girls with the cake pops.

    You might appreciate this post about end of the school year tiredness. It has more than 4500 comments, so I think it’s safe to say it hit a chord. (

    Praying for you and so proud of you.

  383. Stephanie says:

    Yes! You’re singing my song of to-do’s, both written and the multitude of mental LISTS. Thank you for the encouragement and realignment to let go of my grip and wrap up in His. Love reading your posts Susannah.

  384. Jeanne says:

    I love how you took what God telling you and put it into practice! He must too!❀️

  385. Kelly says:

    Thanks for speaking on behalf of all of us who need to put all our daily stress in His faithful hands! Praying you enjoy your summer!
    Long distance friend,
    K. Pollitz

    • susannahbaker says:

      You and your family are so missed, Kelly – more than you know! We love you guys, and praying for continued smooth transition.

  386. Debbie Autenreith says:

    Amazing! And so very true – thanks for all those words, and guidance to us busy/stressed/worrysome/tired mommas!!! πŸ™‚

    • susannahbaker says:

      Thank you, Debbie – I always admire your mothering! You are doing such a great job, my friend!

  387. Sarah says:

    Thank you Susannah., I love this post. It makes me feel a little more normal about the craziness of life (and myself) with the end of school and this insanely busy month! I agree, it’s all nuts. I’m Looking forward to slowing down and reconnecting with my kids, husband, and my soul this summer. Xoxo

  388. Bev Gore says:

    Susannah . . . such a good and timely word for each of us. No matter what season of life one is walking through we need to steadfast thoughts all day long. Thank you for sharing and being so transparent in your writing. It’s been such a joy to watch you and Jason lead through your marriage and your parenting.

  389. Holly says:

    The Isaiah verse is one of my all-time favorites!! Love that it was used so beautifully in your post. Wonderful words of wisdom!

    • susannahbaker says:

      Thanks, friend – thanks for being such a steadfast presence in my life through all these years!

  390. Leigh says:

    Just what I needed this morning…

  391. April Harrison says:

    This was so timely Susannah. It felt like you were in my head for parts of it. Especially the distractedness and running out of words by noon! Thank you for the reminder that we can always rest in the Lord and trust Him for peace. And I love The message to get in His word just for His Word, not necessarily a perfect lesson. Beautiful. Thank you for your heart for Him.

  392. Pops says:

    Sugar, thanks for this thoughtful and heartfelt posting. I love the opening remembrance of Memorial Day — including Annapolis, for obvious reasons. But you also have so much to teach me about walking with the Lord. I am unbelievably grateful for you (and your siblings) and your closeness to Him. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    Much love to you and your family,


  393. Susan Ince says:

    Thank you Margaret for being real and transparent with us, reminding us that God is in life with us, no matter where we are and will see us through to the end. HE cannot be anything but faithful and good!

  394. Margaret Austin says:

    Sus I’m over here sobbing! This is so great and encouraging. I love this post!

  395. Diane VanZandt says:

    This made my heart cry. I am so glad you have each other. Thank you.

  396. Pops says:

    Sugar, thanks for sharing this post. I never have fully appreciated how deep and intense this journey has been for you. Mia Grace is one lucky baby to have you, and I am one lucky dad and grand dad. Love you so much.


  397. Angela Zumwalt says:

    Thank you for letting us “in” to this whole adoption experience. I have learned so much just from reading your blog! Mia Grace is truly a blessing to so many. I appreciate you sharing all God is teaching you. Keep it coming!

  398. Maggie Aquaro says:

    Having this conversation with you a few times has helped me to better understand my adoption as a child of God. Thank you for sharing your heart and your story….

  399. Shelley Haden says:

    Wish I had known this 30 yrs ago.- you can’t fight control with control. You fight control with humility and love. Such wise words ❀️ as

    • susannahbaker says:

      You have modeled love and humility for me well through the years – thankful for you, Aunt Shelley!

  400. Maggie Aquaro says:

    The expression, “Be present, not perfect” has been rolling around in my head and heart since I saw it hanging on the wall last fall. I’m glad you absorbed the words when I shared them with you and that you’re learning to walk it out for others to see!

    Thanks for sharing, Sus!

    • susannahbaker says:

      Thank you for sharing that with me over a year ago – I haven’t stopped thinking about it since!!

  401. Laura says:

    I absolutely loved this – the image of you laughing g so hard, and especially the necessary reminder to be present. Definitely needed that today. Love you friend!! Thank so much for sharing your heart.

  402. Elizabeth says:

    Oh I love her!!!!! And can so relate!!!!! Thank you for this TRUTH this morning!!!!!

  403. Corey says:

    Oh I love her!!! I was cracking up!!!!! I love this. Be present, not perfect! ❀️

  404. kendall rainer says:

    I LOVE LINEY! Great word!

  405. Sue Caldwell says:

    Sugar SIB. Thank you for u!

  406. Margaret Austin says:

    I love this post, ESP bc it gives me hope–when I lived in Houston Liney was in her terrible 2’s and that’s where Isaiah is now. To think that he may sit one day and do a calm activity like draw selfies gives me great hope.

    • susannahbaker says:

      You are hysterical! And guess what?! The dentist today told me about Caroline, “Your daughter has excellent manners.” What?!? Caroline?!? There is truly hope for EVERY two year old.

  407. Mollie says:

    What a great laugh and great word! LOVE this, Susannah!

  408. Cindy Crofford says:

    Susannah, I loved reading this post. What heartfelt words. I love how God is transforming
    all of us and how we are daily learning to trust Him, the giver of all good gifts.

  409. Cindy Crofford says:

    I loved reading this. I need to read and reread to get the full impact. I love “how well do we surrender”

  410. Laura says:

    Thanks Sue, I needed to hear this today. Love seeing how God is using your gifts to encourage and point others to hope and truth.

  411. Pops says:

    Sugar, powerful message and wonderfully written, one that virtually all of us will need to hear (and apply) sooner or later. I am most grateful for your walk with the Lord.


  412. HollyG says:

    Spoke right straight into the stump in my heart today. Waiting, trusting, praying for signs of life in it. Great word of hope– some of my favorite Bible passages too!

  413. Julie says:

    Ok, Su Su, I am crying laughing at Jason’s camp letters…thank you for sharing! Great post and love your heart the most…

  414. Bobbye says:

    Loved EVERY SINGLE WORD!!! I did laugh imagining Jason writing those letters! Did Carla rescue him from that cuss-filled horrible place??? Thanks for opening my eyes this morning. I tend to be that comfy homebody. At least I’m in good company!

    • susannahbaker says:

      Heaven’s no! He stayed the whole month – Haley, Lance, and I always complain to each other that the Baker spouses missed out on the empathy gene. I guess it’s what makes them all so tough!!!

  415. Kristen says:

    Okay this is too much!! My sister and I were not campers either and my sister always faked an illness and had my dad driving to whatever camp it was to pick her up. So I can relate and how I love that sweet girl of yours! Good word my friend – a change in perspective does us all good and I’m proud of Lils for persevering!

    • susannahbaker says:

      I love it! I’m pretty sure Lils would have faked an illness too if she thought that would have worked. That’s so priceless πŸ™‚

  416. Miriam says:

    I needed a good laugh this morning and this was perfect! Thanks!

  417. Robin says:

    Taylor and I were rolling on the floor laughing when we read Jason’s letters though Taylor’s response was, “See! This is why we shouldn’t send our kids to camp!” Haha! He’s right there with Lils and Jas and I’m right there with Caroline! We’ll see who wins.

  418. Lisa Perry says:

    I had Chad read Jason’s letters with me, my stomach hurts from laughing!! Oh my goodness, how gut wrenching it must have been for his parents to get those letters! I love what you said about a change in location prompting a change in perspective…so true. I’ve seen that with my girls time and time again! 2015 was a year of travels and missions for us and it opened their eyes in so many ways. Grateful!

    • susannahbaker says:

      So great, Lisa! So thankful our girls got to experience their change of perspective together last week!

  419. Sue Caldwell says:

    Sugar SIB …so sorry she had to go thru
    This! prayin 4 yall! thank you 4 sharing!!

  420. Margaret Austin says:

    I’m crying laughing, mostly bc I can totally hear Jason saying all of that, but also bc I’m imagining his current face on a 9 year old body saying “this is a cussing camp and I didn’t get to have my devotional!”

    • susannahbaker says:

      Exactly! He was trying to hit his mom right where he knew it would count! And I love the part about the disco – mainly because he hates dancing even today, much less as a nine year old πŸ™‚

  421. Teri says:

    I am ROLLING! These letters are priceless!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ Poor, Jason! LOL!

  422. Hannah Parker says:

    Alexander and I are CRYING! The letters are hysterical! Love what you wrote about changing perspective, I am feeling extra inspired. Thank you!!

  423. kendall rainer says:


  424. Corey says:

    So beautiful! What a great reminder to stop and reflect on His love and faithfulness!! Love you friend!

  425. Teri says:

    She is getting so big.!
    What a beautiful blog, Susannah!

  426. Pops says:

    Love you, Sweetie! And I love Mia Grace too. What a blessing you and your whole family are to me.


  427. Matt Redman recently did a rework of the hymn “It is Well.” No, he didn’t “improve” it or desecrate it, but he honored the very heart and history of it. I took some notes yesterday regarding it, and it affirms what you have just written about as well.

    Being in Mozambique where we presently are experiencing drought with people literally starving, these Words of God felt worth enscribing in my heart:

    “… God has made me fruitful in the land of my suffering.” Genesis 41:52

    Matt reveals, “I can really trace what I do way back to my childhood, when I lost my father at the age of 7. It was one of the first things that really had me seek after God. “Blessed Be Your Name,” “You Never Let Go” and “Never Once” all trace way back to my past. It’s the same with this song, as the roots go way back.”

    I’ve copied below a few stanzas you will most certainly appreciate.

    Love you Susannah, and thank you for making my heart greener.

    Our scars are a sign
    Of grace in our lives
    Oh Father, how You brought us through
    When deep were the wounds
    And dark was the night
    The promise of Your love You proved

    Now every battle still to come
    Let this be our song

    It is well (It is well)
    With my soul (With my soul)
    It is well, it is well with my soul

    Weeping may come
    Remain for a night
    But joy will paint the morning sky
    You’re there in the fast
    You’re there in the feast
    Your faithfulness will always shine

    • susannahbaker says:

      That is so beautiful, Melinda. Thank you so much for sharing the words to Redman’s song and the reminders of what a green heart looks like in a place of literal drought. I know you see and bear the weight of so much. I am praying God waters your soul with His Presence and His Word, even as you sleep. I love you. sb

  428. Shelley says:

    Good teaching. I was fighting it. And I ordered the book. Thank you!
    Love, as

  429. Lisa Perry says:

    Praying!! I pray the Lord would plant seeds of Truth in Ananda’s life!

  430. Annie M says:

    Yes. Yes and yes. Our good Father gave you a good word, and in prayer or in person, He will help you sow it. Thank you for sharing and sowing with us! Love you.

  431. Susan Ince says:

    Beautiful and well timed.

  432. Pops says:

    Wonderful commentary, Sugar. Sure is easy to give up and be disappointed from time to time. Hope I will remember your words —- and Derek’s example. What an encouragement!
    Love you,

  433. There are some real “treasures” in these thoughts of yours. Thank you for sharing them. I have definitely benefitted, and as you empower me and other with God’s truth, His impact is extended even beyond this page and your neighborhood!

  434. Susan Ince says:

    This speaks to my heart and is SO convicting. Thank you.

  435. Tiffany melton says:

    I love This and the truth and hope behind this message and her amazing story.

    • susannahbaker says:

      I can’t wait to hear more about your work with refugees this summer. Thankful her story spoke to you!

  436. Jason Wallace says:

    Well spoken Susanna. Much love to your family.

  437. Pops says:

    Sugar, thanks so much for ANOTHER prod to open my mouth and SHARE this wonderful news of salvation with those I meet. You inspire me!

  438. Susan Ince says:

    EXCELLENT. This is foundational teaching and what we must do to become all that God has made us to be. Thank you for this wonderful reminder.
    I love you, precious daughter.

  439. Carrie says:

    Thank you Susannah! Once again your words are exactly what I needed this first day of school morning!

  440. Margaret says:

    Good grief I really needed this today. And as if we didn’t already know it, we are definitely kindred souls because I pretty much struggle with these exact same sins at the exact same times of day. Nothing gets me worse than my house being clean and them coming in and the CRUMBS BEING THERE IN SECONDS! love you friend.

  441. Jeannie says:

    Thanks so much. (I’m Margaret’s big sister, Jeannie.) And I especially hadn’t connected how when I start to feel like a failure, I take it out on my children. I loved how you gave us grace but pushed us towards holiness in this post. Progress/sanctification. THANK YOU!

    • susannahbaker says:

      Thank you for your comment, Jeannie – wise words from you! I hope to have the chance to meet you one day. Any sister of Margaret’s must be incredible πŸ™‚

  442. Christina says:

    I needed this so much! All my feelings out to words and where to turn in the Word. Bless you! Passing on to many friends that need this as well.

  443. Jodie says:

    Thank you so much Susannah! Your words are EXACTLY what I needed today. I had “big” plans for today… Quiet time once the kids went off to school, Grocery shopping to prepare my well thought out meals for the week, and finally exercise before heading back up to the school.
    God had a different set of plans for me and my sweet Will. He woke in the middle of the night with a horrible fever, sore throat and runny nose. My flesh immediately wanted to scream, “NO! This is not fair!”
    After our morning Doctor appt and lots of resting together on the couch I came across your email/blog update. Thank you so much. I find myself getting so frustrated with myself when I don’t accomplish what I feel like I ought to as a stay at home mom.

    • susannahbaker says:

      Sick days are often the hardest days for me as a mom. Days when I can feel the biggest failure like you said. But you did the absolute best thing and filled Will’s cup with your love. Absolute achievement πŸ™‚

  444. Your mom says:


  445. Mollie says:

    Praise Him! Susannah, I am so excited about this! A few summers ago your amazing bookshelf introduced me to Andrew Murray’s book of prayers entitled “Waiting on God” and I fell in love with waiting as an act of worship! Thanks for planting seeds. SO excited to begin this study!!!

  446. Lindsay E. says:

    So excited for how The Lord Will use this study!

  447. Reichen Beaver says:

    Congratulations Susannah! Can’t wait to do this study this fall. Thank you for your precious words! May God continue to show up just as you need Him to! Way to go friend!!!

  448. Margaret, this is so good! In these very full days where take in so much information on any given day, having one small phrase to meditate on can be powerful in its simplicity. So thank you for this call to “push back the darkness” and for the inspiration to apply it in specific ways to our own families and unique circumstances. Love you friend!

  449. Beth Propst says:

    That was great Margaret! I am a childhood, adult friend of your Mom. In fact, I just spent Saturday night at their house. I loved your words about teaching your boys to respect everyone and look them in the eye and speak to the cashier. I was thinking about how “flag football” is such a less aggressive game of football. I played it in college a few times and as a young adult on a camping trip to the beach. Have two different colored scarves or bandanas that you put in the boys’ back pocket. Ie., let one be the red team and one be the blue team. They try to grab the other’s bandana out his pocket, instead of tackling the one with the ball. Ya’ll may have already played that. Also, they don’t actually touch the other player, when blocking—just move in front of them! I’ve never had children of my own, but I’ve worked with all ages,. and agree with you, that they need to respect each other’s body and not be mean! Prayers for you and your little ones!

  450. Susan Ince says:


  451. So I was mentioning to someone something about some old music on a cassette last week, and the 30 year old had to ask me “I’m sorry, what’s a cassette?”

    My prayer and heart for three decades has to not merely be responding to my day and waiting until I can crawl in bed again at the end, but to have it directed by God with me responding accordingly and with spiritual alertness (and physical too!)..

    The only thing I would contend with differently here is that I disagree that you cannot pray for more than 1-2 missionaries or ministries responsibly. I have evidence to the contrary. I think it all has to do with priorities. I get the broader concept the pastor is trying to make. But that “all or nothing” mentality you mentioned can keep one from making smaller offerings of effective fervent prayer. Prayer does not always require vast expenses of time, and some of it can be done while we walk, move and breathe.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom once again

    • susannahbaker says:

      Melinda, I completely agree with you. I think that praying “as we go” is an essential part of the Christian life and keeping in step with the Spirit of Christ. I also know, though, that sometimes the sheer volume of needs in prayer keep me from praying. It helps me tremendously to take on only what I know I can reasonably handle and pray those one or two names really well in a sit-down, focused, concentrated regular time of prayer with the Lord. But to not pray throughout the day as you are so wisely suggesting we do as the Lord brings people to mind or across our paths or through email would be foolish as well. I just need all the help I can to continue on in the work of prayer and not give up because of weariness or the nagging feeling I can’t ever pray perfectly for all those who need prayer. Hopefully that is a little more clear. Thank you for giving us your needed insight and wisdom!

  452. Diane Van Zandt says:

    So good! So true!

  453. Carrie says:

    Thank you Susannah! Such s great reminder!

  454. Margaret says:

    I love this! With Thomas being gone for almost every meal in the fall, mealtime can make me feel defeated. 3 meals a day with only small people always makes me feel a little loopy. But this was a great reminder! Not sure I will light candles yet–my kids would burn each other down πŸ™‚

  455. Shelly Sitton says:

    I love this. Family meals are some of my most consistent memories of childhood and for them I am grateful. Your description of your family meals reminds me of the days and meals I had the privilege of being with your family. Thank you for sharing your family with me and allowing me to be a part of the ministry of the table with which your family is indeed gifted. I love you, Susannah.

  456. Susan Ince says:

    I cried all the way through this post. I am thankful to God that He does so much with our most feeble efforts.

  457. Mollie says:

    I love this, Susannah!! So much!! Your mother’s kitchen and table reminds me of my own mother’s! Sweet, sweet times! Excited to carry it on like you have with your family!

  458. Shelley says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your mother!

    Love, as

  459. Jennifer Brown says:

    Love this!

  460. Kim says:

    I love this post! My mom sacrificed (although I didn’t see it as sacrifice then) to cook and give us a place at the table when I was growing up too. And while I so look forward to the theological discussions that I pray are coming, I want to enjoy the time with our little guys now, even if our discussions are a lot more about not passing gas at the table and keeping food on the plates and in our mouths. It’s worth it! Thanks for the reminder! Love you friend!

    • susannahbaker says:

      I know your mom made many wonderful meals at your table, and I know you do the same for your boys! They are blessed to have you as their mom!

  461. Ceci says:

    Wow! Great read Susannah! This idea of a seat at the table…very powerful!

  462. Margaret says:

    Susannah! I needed this word today–especially when I read about refugees and the hurting across the world, I wonder what kind of God it is that I am clinging to. Thank you for encouraging me with this today. Love you friend.

  463. Amy Sandidge says:

    What a great Word for me this morning. Thank you for sharing. Although I feel refreshed this morning, your word encouraged my heart even more. Blessings to you today!

  464. Betty Skelton says:

    Beautifully done thank you✝

  465. Kathe Baker says:

    YES!!!!!! AMEN!!!! Thank you Susannah – I am HOPEFUL for Kathy – so good to know that her hope, your hope and mine is JESUS!!! I have been praying for her healing daily – I love the sunrise each day as I know that she sees JOY in it!

  466. kendall rainer says:

    Thank you.

  467. Melissa Tredennick says:

    Very well said. It is hard to grasp the true meaning of the promised hope.

  468. Pops says:

    Yes, Sugar, thank you. I learn something new every time I read your blog. As I get old(er) I am thinking more about the true hope we have in Jesus. I am so encouraged to know that that hope can be mine until I go to meet Him face to face. I love you.

  469. This is a timely post for me, considering we recently had to cancel our flights returning us to our home in Mozambique due to the fact that both sets of dads are in the hospital (on opposite sides of the USA).

    I especially love, “Bad news isn’t the enemy of hope. War and rumors of war aren’t the enemies of hope. Cancer, sickness, illness, broken bones, broken bodies and broken souls are not the enemies of hope. But despair and false hope are.”

    Profound and poignant truths you have shared here. Thanking you for taking the time to do so.

    • Susannah Baker says:

      I know you must be so weary, Melinda – I am praying the Lord renews your strength each and every day. As my friend Kathy reminded me last week, “Sometimes I need to remember that our God is the God of the sunrise.” I am praying His new hope, resurrection reality refreshes your soul each and every day. I love you.

  470. Susan Ince says:

    Beautifully said. And absolutely true.

  471. Leah says:

    Love this perspective and the confidence we have knowing that “as we go,” He is already there! Whether that is as a young wife/mother or one with adult children/ aging parents., life is full of uncertainties and challenges…but praising Him Who is faithful and true through it all.

  472. Kristen says:

    I love all of this so much. I love how we all bring our unique gifts to the table!

  473. Laura says:

    What a special post. Love my memories at your moms table and in her kitchen, such a place of hospitality and ministry. Thanks Sue and Susan!!

  474. Cathy Hall says:

    love everything about this post!

  475. Teri Bono says:

    OMWORD: BUFFINS?????? I must try them! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Printing the recipe now!

  476. Sue Caldwell says:

    Sugar SIB.. outstanding!! thank yall

  477. Margaret Austin says:

    I love this Sus–my mom (Cathy hall who commented above me!) created a table like this and still does. We need to post her tomato pie recipe!

  478. Kelly says:

    I made this whole meal tonight! Fabulous and all 3 of my boys loved it!!!

  479. Mollie says:

    Love this idea and inspiration, Susannah! Such a great word too about Psalm 23. In the midst, on the way…so very good.

  480. Jodie Connally says:

    CANNOT wait to try these recipes! Yay for some kitchen inspiration! Thank you!

  481. Sarah Geyer says:

    Beautifully written. Many, many prayers for you and Kathy’s family and community of friends.

  482. Susan Ince says:

    Thank you for that reminder that all the tears, hardness and difficulties on this side of Heaven will be redeemed on the other side. I need to keep preaching that to my soul and thanking God that He is powerful enough and loving enough, to make right everything that has been sad and wrong.

  483. Beth Propst says:

    I am so sorry for your loss of your dear friend and neighbor! All of you, and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  484. Carri Moore says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of your friend! We have been praying for her and her family – and will continue to lift up her family during this time. We are praising God for the LIFE and HOPE that He gives us. Kathy is in the best place ever . . . with Jesus. Praying that God will use you in such sweet ways to pour out His love on your friends.

  485. Susannah – beautiful words & great reminder! Have thought of all of you on your street (my old boss at my first job in Houston owned house y’all live in, we did reno/addition when I worked there) and knowing there will be such a void in the neighborhood. Praying for you all.

    • Susannah Baker says:

      Thank you so much, Angie – I love that you can picture our street and Kathy’s house. She is, and will continue to be, very much missed! Thank you for your prayers.

  486. Hosea 6:1-3 is such a timely and fitting verse for what you describe.

    I pray that you and other friends of Kathy will take their love for her to the next level by ministering that same love to her husband and children who will need ‘presence.’

    People wear their grief differently, but I think it is safe to say that hubby and kids might not be able to reach out for the help they need right now, but most likely would be deeply blessed by those who proactively reach out to serve them with meals or childsitting time or….?

    I’m praying for you Susannah, but beyond you, I am praying for a community to be activated at a time when they might feel awkward. I’m praying for courage for Kathy’s friends to move beyond any fears they may have of saying the wrong thing or not knowing exactly how to help…because I suspect Kathy’s husband and kids need some courageous and compassionate friends to love and serve them.

  487. Valene Lindhout says:

    I’m interested in the “known” bible study. Currently in the waiting on the Lord study and I love it!
    I’m truly blessed for the way the Lord has used you to deliver His word.

    • Susannah Baker says:

      I’m so thankful! If you sign up to receive the weekly blog posts, you should receive the Known ebook to download for free. If you sign up and that doesn’t happen, please let me know! That means I need to fix something in my delivery system. I am thinking about making it available as a hard copy and posting the outlines/talks that go with the study, but haven’t moved on that yet…

      • Chelsea Wilkes says:

        In the midst of reading now, God is following through you and it is moving mountains! Would love to order in print! Blessings!

  488. Bobbye says:

    A whole new light just shined on my grief. Bless you for speaking such profound truth. I love and am grateful for your obedience to sharing your soul.

  489. Teri Bono says:

    This helps me so much in coping with my grief over losing my mom. Thank you, Susannah.

    • Susannah Baker says:

      I am so sorry for the loss you are walking through – I pray God gives you the strength you need each and every day to walk with Him!

  490. Sue Caldwell says:

    Thank you Sugar SIB

  491. Kathe Baker says:

    Love the climb!!!!! Love knowing that we have shared amazing climbs together too!!! love you!!!!

  492. Love this. And gives me reasons for my insanity!

  493. Sue Caldwell says:

    Sugar SIB.. happy thanksgiving!
    You are the best… SuSu

  494. Beth Propst says:

    Great analogy! Going on a spiritual/Christian retreat in the Mountains is also a renewing experience! Love your poem!


  495. Susan Ince says:

    Thank you for that.

  496. sylvester kwame nkrumah says:

    Happy 40th anniversary in advance. In this part of the world, we usually say Life begins at 40 so you are just about to begin life.
    The question we need to ask ourselves is: how have I lived the years I have lived or will live, in obedience to my maker? whether it is 40 years, 90 years or more. What is the impact my life has had on others? This is what gives meaning to life. Like Jeremiah, I will say, life lived in obedience is success in the sight of God.
    Thank you for sharing. Keep the thoughts flowing………

    • Susannah Baker says:

      Kwame, a birthday blessing from you means more than 1000 gifts. Thank you. In many ways, it does feel like life if beginning with a new perspective and new path to walk as I turn 40 tomorrow. Thank you for modeling such a strong, faithful walk in the Lord for me. I am so grateful for you and Nana.

  497. Teri Bono says:

    Beautiful and so very timely. Thank you, Susannah. (and now I’m so hungry for turkey chili)! πŸ™‚

  498. cindy says:

    Exactly what I needed today. And will be double checking the lid on that chili I am making tomorrow!

  499. Taylor says:

    Loved this & need to read this today!!! πŸ™‚

  500. Sarah Altman says:

    Loved this post and needed this reminder!

  501. Susan Ince says:

    Thank you, sweet daughter. This is like apples of gold in pictures of silver…perfectly said.

  502. Sue Caldwell says:

    Sugar SIB… thank you!
    I’ve been a germ a phobic all of my marriage! Love you!

  503. Joe Ince says:

    Sugar, thanks for leading me back to this passage; so good to read again God’s plan for bringing our Savior to us. And, needless to say, I love the picture of my sweet Lila at the top; no words need be spoken.
    Love you,

  504. Sue Caldwell says:

    SIB.. thank you for this post!
    merci and danka too!!

  505. Jodie says:

    Oh Susannah, thank you for once again being so transparent. You say what so many of us feel and can’t put in to words or are too afraid to admit weakness. That “circle” is one I struggle with far too often especially within my own family. Wanting to be included but not because of pity.
    Thank you, thank you my friend !!
    Stay warm
    Miss seeing ya weekly

    • Susannah Baker says:

      Thank you, Jodie. I am praying for all of us through the holidays, especially with our families, to see ourselves through the lens and in the circle of the love and grace of God. I am praying for the ability to love our families well through this lens and quiet strength. I know how hard it is to do! I am so thankful for you and the way you have chosen to keep walking, through healing, through grace. I love you – sus

  506. Bev Gore says:

    Susannah . . . again I see myself through the sharing your words! So very grateful for His circle of Grace and this reminder.

  507. cindy says:

    I love the lens analogy and have used it several times over the past several years as we have worked through some family relationships. I think of my David and his photography and all his lenses- for zooming in, out, close ups, landscapes, fish eyes, and on and on. God gave us free will to choose our lens in any situation, particularly in the area of interpersonal relationships. When I feel that closed circle, or rejection, which lens do I choose to pick up to view that situation? I always want others to pick the lens of grace when they see my sin but do I reciprocate in like? Thanks for this reminder.

    • Susannah Baker says:

      Beautiful truth, Cindy-thank you for the reminder. When I see “circles,” I will think of David and his lenses…

  508. Danaly Payne says:

    Thank you for writing this. I needed it. – a friend of a friend of a friend, Danaly

  509. Margaret says:

    Good stuff right here Sus!

  510. Erica says:

    I love this post for so many reasons! This is something so many of us struggle with and I just love your words of wisdom. Merry CHRISTmas to your beautiful family!

  511. Annie says:

    Thank you for sharing. I too have been struggling with this over the past 7 weeks. Your words if wisdom are helpful for staying on His track.

  512. Holly Gilbert says:

    Thank you Susannah! As a much older mom of a young boy Ioften struggle with feeling “lonely in a crowd” of younger moms and their friends. I consciously have to remind myself that’s it’s ok to not be in the circle of their peers but to bless them by hugs and encouragement. I know with Jesus I’m “in” his circle!!

  513. Susan Ince says:

    Awesome counsel. Thanks you!

  514. Mollie says:

    Love your insight, encouragement and challenge, Susannah!! Now…On to the weed wacking and holy habitmaking!!

  515. Robin says:

    Love this. 2017 is the year of abiding -” this God His way is perfect…” Resting in the Path Maker as I yield to His gardening shears as He prunes and cuts back the wild overgrown places in my heart.

  516. Annie says:

    You have always spoken the language of my heart, old friend. Love this.

  517. Marteen bonds says:

    Excellent!!! You have blessed and inspired me

  518. Susan Ince says:

    I’m buying it right now.

  519. Margaret Austin says:

    This makes me so happy.

  520. Teri says:

    So beautiful, Susannah, and I hope to meet Mia Grace one day soon. πŸ™‚

  521. Margaret says:

    I’m over here weeping big tears! It doesn’t help that i’m listening to ellie holcomb’s amazing new album while I read

  522. Kim says:


  523. Beautiful in every way.

    (And ya got me with the crooked nose!)

  524. Sue Caldwell says:

    Shalom!! Sugar SIB…
    so thxful you are there!

    • Dick carlson says:

      Susannah and Jason. You must be having a wonderful time. Your guided tour was interesting and nicely presented. I’ll bet your girls are loving it. How fortunate they are to have parents like you

      Thanks for including us.

      Love from Uncle Dick and Aunt Patsy

      • Susannah Baker says:

        Thanks so much, Uncle Dick and Aunt Patsy! We are loving every minute of being here with the girls. Thank you for your prayers for us. We love you both so much – Jason, Susannah, and the Girls

  525. Kathe Baker says:

    Susannah – I’m on the trip with you – thank you for sending pictures and letting me ‘see’ the Holy Land with you, Jason, Lillian and Lizzy! I look forward to reading and seeing everyday –
    amazing –
    love you -k

    • Susannah Baker says:

      Thanks so much, Kathe – wish you had been up there with me on the Mount of Olives today. Thankful for the resurrection that is coming. Love you much, sb

  526. Joe Ince says:

    So exciting to see these places through your eyes, Sugar — knowing that your family is taking it all in and hearing anew the associated scriptures. Thanks so much for sharing with us; looking forward to each day’s notes and pictures. Love you all so much!

  527. Susan Ince says:

    Amen. Come, Lord Jesus come.

  528. Mary Shannon Ratliff says:

    Sus – thanks for sharing! So fun to see Lillian and Lizzie with y’all. What an amazing trip that they will never forget for so many reasons! Love getting to see through your eyes.

  529. Pops says:

    Once again, Sugar, thanks for sharing your insights from these sites of such holy significance. It is wonderful seeing the pictures of you and the girls in the very spots where Jesus ministered. And as you say, may we all make every day count for Christ, whether we have 1 or 10,000 days left on this earth.
    Hoping your last couple of days in Israel are wonderful!
    Pops XXX

  530. taylor ince says:

    that’s good stuff Sus. so fun seeing the photos. The Lord bless and keep you!

  531. Lucy Kuhbn says:

    Beautifully stated. I have loved following your travels and photos. Thank you for sharing it all. Safe travels home! Love, Lucy Kuhn

  532. Cindy says:

    Have loved following you- such a special place and yet another affirmation that those places are real and His Words true. How wonderful for you to be there with Jason and the girls. Did you go to the Garden Tomb? Amazing place. Our pastor from Saudi, who was most recently back at Bethel here in Houston, is serving as a guide right now- Dwain Camp.
    Safe travels!

    • Susannah Baker says:

      We did go to the Garden Tomb our first day in Jerusalem, and our guide was so kind and shared the Gospel so beautifully. He was a white-haired gentleman with a German accent, so not sure that he was your pastor. Like you said, it is an amazing place. So thankful we had the opportunity to go there!

  533. kendall rainer says:

    So enojoyed your daily travel updates! Love you!

  534. Sue Caldwell says:

    where yall going SIB? thx

  535. Susan Ince says:

    I can’t believe you have time to blog while you’re moving… But I’m glad you did!

  536. Betty Skelton says:

    Great ideas
    Many thanks
    What an inspiration !

  537. Jenny says:

    I’m dying!!! I will never forget the 5 animal heads!!! Love u friend!!!

  538. This!: \”….my hair was going on day five of not being washed and was becoming an air pollution problem.\”

    Oh yes, I hear you. And I smile with you too.

    This summer we plan on visiting the USA and going through a storage unit of stuff we left behind when we moved to Mozambique. We didn\’t need to keep it all, but we only had time to do one garage sale, and no listings on Craigslist. I am not really looking forward to that purging process because of the physical and emotional strength needed. But your post reminds me that it can be survivable with friends, so thanks for setting me up well.

    And also, if David dares to try and take a deerhead back with us to Mozambique, I will insist Rudolph joins his freinds in Houston. So yeah, better not give me your new address.

    Love you friend.

    • Susannah Baker says:

      I am laughing out loud – the ONLY deer head I would ever add to our collection is one from your house, Melinda! But still, Ralph and Andrew don’t need anymore friends over here πŸ™‚ I will pray for your journey of cleaning out this summer – praying for friends and family to hold up your hands like they did mine! Love you!!!

  539. Susan Ince says:

    Thanks for not throwing me totally under the bus! I’m so glad God underscored for you how wonderful and precious your friends and family are; because they are!
    love you lots.

  540. Mollie says:

    Tears in my eyes!!…Nothing like your (D)/daddy’s arms!!! Love this Susannah! And love that cute determined Katie! So proud of her! Your word picture is absolutely So So true!

  541. Margaret says:

    weeping over here! love this imagery

  542. So good!

    And be assured I will be praying for your writing time.

    Prayers appreciated for mine too as I\’ve been having arm and hand numbness (traceable to herniated disc in the neck at C5/C6). Less than a month to finish up my thesis regarding helping orphans aging out of their institutions and homes, so prayers requested. Also, just received a call from my Mom that my Dad is in the hospital, so even more prayers needed. Thanks.

    • Susannah Baker says:

      Praying for you now, Melinda. Your writing is so needed, so I am praying the Lord shields and heals your arm and hand. Praying for your dad as well. Love you.

  543. Susan Ince says:

    Love the picture you paint with your words. So appreciative of you!

  544. Annie Barnes says:

    Your posts have been silent for a few months. Hoping all is well. Selfishly missing your thought provoking, spiritually invoking posts.

    • Susannah Baker says:

      Thank you for checking in on me, Annie. We moved in the spring, and between that and homeschool, I was weary! This summer I really took a break and rested, so I am back to writing and posting this fall. Thanks for missing my blogs – I have missed writing πŸ™‚

  545. Marian Ellis says:

    love your honesty and transparency, Susannah. I also love the deep, thoughtful, and inquisitive woman God created you to be.

  546. Diane Van Zandt says:

    So wonderful! Love you and your heart. The thing about joy that has really surprised me is that joy and sorrow can coexist. Interesting. You are very dear to me and I love how you are made.
    Love you,

  547. Melissa says:

    You are such a gift to this world! Thank you for putting your heart into words. I’m grateful for you, to know you and to be inspired by you! Hugs!

  548. Teri says:

    Amen. Beautiful.

  549. Susan Ince says:

    Yes and Amen. May the Church arise to offer the love of Christ to all those who need help and who need HIM.

  550. Bev Gore says:

    Amen and Amen! Praying for an unprecedented outpouring of the Holy Spirit over our city and all the surrounding area. Praying for us to be a beacon on the hill… the eyes of the world are looking.

  551. taylor ince says:

    This is a good word Sus thank you. Love

  552. Joanna Dawson says:

    Tears are streaming as I read this, my friend! I love you. Praying for you and for your precious friends and family.

  553. Kathe Baker says:

    Truth! I keep reading it!!! Thank you Susannah!!!!!❀️

  554. Teri Bono says:

    I’ll be joining you in praying from 12 to 1 and will send this to as many friends as i can. Thank you, Susannah.

  555. These are thoughts worth chewing on. Thank you for publishing them. Praying with you.

    • Susannah Baker says:

      Thank you so much, Melinda and to all those who are praying and loving us through the storm. Please continue to pray as the waters continue to rise. Gratefully, Susannah

  556. Kwame says:

    Knowing your hearts and having enjoyed your hospitality, I am not surprised that you reached out to these friends needing some help. Thank you for being there for God’s children. Your act of kindness will surely honor our Lord in the end.

  557. Sue Caldwell says:

    Sugar SIB….
    Thank you!!!
    daniel 9

  558. Joanna Dawson says:

    Praying, Precious Friend! So much love to you!

  559. Ruth Ann Johnson says:

    Amen sister. We are praying for revival in Houston, in the precious name of King Jesus.

  560. Reichen says:

    Sweet Susannah,
    Just as you and I prayed each morning on the prairie path in college, I will join you on this prayer path on Wednesdays now. God’s got this!! Love you sweet friend!

  561. Margaret Austin says:

    Sus, I’m over here crying BIG tears.

  562. Jeannie says:

    Praising Him big time here on Cape Cod and rejoicing that our God is the God of the Bible…He takes darkness and lets light shine. How wonderful! Praying now for Roberta, for Christians to come along side her physically and spiritually to disciple her and love you. THANK YOU for writing in the midst of this all.

  563. Kathe Baker says:

    What I needed to hear today Susannah! – thank you again for coming beside me in full force for Sally – the comfort of friends who share in the suffering is a great great balm-
    Love you , your girls , and of course the AMAZING JASON – to God be the glory for giving me you!

  564. Cindy says:

    The Glen is a war zone for now, yes, but we have been so blessed by the COMMUNITY which has surrounded us with love, food, and every practical thing we needed to start the process of clearing out the old and torn to make room for the new, which I know God will bring. His name has been spoken out loud as I have never heard it before. I do not know if we will rebuild but I know the torn fabric of this area will heal. We know God has not forgotten us or our neighborhood but that He has a good and perfect plan going forward. Isaiah 43:2

    • Susannah Baker says:

      That is such an incredibly testimony, Cindy – thank you for sharing! Praise God that His Name is being spoken through the suffering as never before. The Glen is in my heart and prayers often right now, and we will continue to pray for healing. Love you!

  565. Susan Ince says:

    Beautifully written. Thank you for expressing what so many of us are feeling.

  566. Teresa Medeiros says:

    Our hearts are heavy , praying for everyone that has been effected by the flood . You all are AMAZING ! we love you all .

  567. Annie Barnes says:

    The words you shared really helped me to adjust my focus. I am not easily overwehelmed but the past few weeks I had shifted my focus from were it needs to be. Thank you for sharing. I love how God sends friends to speak truth in our time of need.

  568. Susan Ince says:

    So true. So good. Thanks for sharing such an encouragement on the power of prayer.

  569. Teri Bono says:

    This is just wonderful, Susannah.

  570. Jeannie says:

    Thanks for this.

  571. Sally Woodward says:

    Sweet Susannah, you may not remember me but we lived across the street on Piping Rock when you were just a little girl. I have been following your blog and loving it. This one really hit home. our home and cars also flooded in Kingwood. We have seen and felt the outpouring of love and we are so grateful and blessed. When we passed through the waters, the Lord was truly with us and he has been our strength and refuge. Your friends are a shining witness for the world to see and it is my sincere prayer that Chip and I and our family will be the same. You are beautiful and look so much like your mom. Please tell her and your dad hello for us. Love, Sally Woodward ❀️

    • Susannah Baker says:

      That is so kind, Sally – and YES! I remember you! Piping Rock memories are some of the sweetest memories I have. How thankful I am the Lord is using you and in Kingwood just as He used you in Kingwood. Thank you for your note – and I will be praying for you all as you walk each day with the wisdom of Christ through the flood. Gratefully, and with much love, Susannah

  572. Ann Bogran says:

    Such a great article and insight. As a previous coworker, i would venture to guess that it was not just the summer of prayer but the years of mission work that Brooke has done that prepared her to know what is important in the midst of the destruction. Love this family!

  573. Thank you for such a sweet story about my friend Brooke and her passion for God. What a testimony of His peace and power in a very difficult situation!

  574. Lisa Ortega says:


    This is your best post yet!! Good stuff…continued prayers for so many families in Houston and continued energy for all of the helpers.


  575. Teresa Medeiros says:

    SuSu , your blogs have been amazing . Such words of encouragement ! You are amazing !

  576. Julee Patterson says:

    Thank you so much for this post. My house flooded, and I love #10! My 8 year old has been asking me why God didn’t make the rain stop. Why did he choose to flood our house? They definitely believe in miracles, so I can use this for them as well as myself!

    I’m very fortunate in that God hasn’t tested me very much. We have lived a very “charmed” life when it comes to personal pain and suffering. Fortunately, the flood pain is temporary, but it is definitely still challenging none the less. Anyway, I needed your post today. I am confident that God is going to use this to make us stronger and more humble!

    • Susannah Baker says:

      So thankful, Julee – praying that the Red Sea Road God opens up for your family to walk is a beautiful one, one your children talk about for years to come!

  577. Lisa Ortega says:

    Another great one Susannah! My fav “Dudes are made for Hurricanes!”

  578. Teresa Medeiros says:

    Sweet SuSu , this really touched my heart this morning . Thank you I needed this ! you are AMAZING ! and I love you .

  579. Susan Ince says:

    Your post reminds me of one of my favorite quotes on death for a follower of Christ; “death is turning off the lamp because dawn has come.” Rejoice! So glad Marlo made the picture!

  580. Mollie says:

    Beautiful, Susannah…Beautiful.

    This picture! Warms my heart and stretches my smile!

  581. Joan Moody says:

    Ministered to my heart today. Rejoice! A perfect word for me in a hard season.

  582. Susan Ince says:

    SO Good!

  583. Kristen says:


  584. maggie m aquaro says:

    this may be one of my favorites, probably because I can relate deeply! Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

  585. Sue Caldwell says:

    Sugar SIB … thank you so much!
    Gods word covers DREAD..

  586. Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” ~ C. S. Lewis

  587. Cindy says:

    Hi Susannah- thanks for this picture to consider how we are living out our lives. Have you ever noticed the word malice? It is there several times in the Bible, mostly in the various lists of what we should NOT do as Christians. It means “a permanent bad attitude.” And we are to put it away. The Lord has very much dealt with me regarding this, and has made me much more aware of the malice in my life. Thanks for a more gentle reminder this morning, a good one as we go into this season of mixing and mingling.
    All blessings to you and yours this week!

    • Susannah Baker says:

      Thanks so much, Cindy – thanks for sharing the definition of “malice” and of how God is making all things new in you as well, sowing His righteous seed. Grateful for you and the GOOD impact you have had on my life through the years! Love, Susannah

  588. Kathe says:


  589. β€œSow for yourselves righteousness;
    reap steadfast love;
    break up your fallow ground,
    for it is the time to seek the Lord,
    that He may come and rain righteousness upon you.” Hosea 10:12

    I want a friend who texts me verses like this.

  590. Elizabeth says:

    I love this friend! Thank you for sharing! And Michelangelo is one of my favorites!

  591. Margaret Austin says:

    Sus, this is a wonderful reminder! Love you friend and so glad y’all got to get away

  592. April Harrison says:

    Oh Susannah, I just realized my daughter Blake was a co-narrator with Lizzie in that play. Wish I could leave a video clip here but they did so well!

  593. Susan Ince says:

    Oh my. There are no words. It’s all we need.

  594. kendall rainer says:

    Beautiful! Tell Lils that i want to play the piano like her when i grow up.xxoo

  595. Lisa Perry says:

    I love hearing you and Lillian sing together…she plays the piano so beautifully! Beautiful song Sus!

  596. Kathe Baker says:

    Wow! So beautiful! I want to sing it too! Thank you for sharing this Gift to all ! Love you!

  597. Thanks for this. I was reading it when two of my \”aged-out\” orphans were messaging me, so I was able to share some truths from it to them as well. So, the wisdom the Lord is giving you is being disseminated across the globe and at least reaching both the capital city of Mozambique, and the central area of the country!

  598. Elizabeth Dains says:

    Susannah! I love this so much! YES holy sandpaper!

    • Susannah Baker says:

      Isn’t that the best word picture ever of marriage?? Many thanks to such a wise mom who came up the phrase years ago πŸ™‚

  599. Leigh Kohler says:

    This made me laugh so hard (she listened like Tess was Dr. Phil :)), but it also moved me do deeply. Such beautiful and wise words. Thank you for sharing and for being so deeply rooted in Jesus. Love you friend!

    • Susannah Baker says:

      Thank you so much, Leigh – I love and appreciate you too! Your marriage to Marc is always an example to me of two people who love Jesus first and well!

  600. Susan Ince says:

    Love the picture of you all in front of the church where you were married!

  601. Joanna Dawson says:

    Amen! So thankful for you, Susannah! Thankful for your friendship- excited to spend time together soon!

  602. Elizabeth Dains says:

    Oh that might have been the saddest video I have ever seen! Sweet girl! πŸ™‚ Those Tredennicks are easy to love! πŸ™‚

  603. Teri Bono says:

    That precious, sweet video……

  604. Sue Caldwell says:

    SIB so super thankful for your
    Maw Susan and your love for
    God and the Bible!
    Not kidding Sugar!! haaaa

  605. Susan Ince says:

    And what a gift to me that one of my dearest friends has turned out to be my daughter. ❀️

  606. Shelby Lindenberger says:

    Love this and so blessed the Lord has crossed our paths. Your words always speak directly to my heart! Thank you for sharing your love for the Lord and your gift of teaching!

    • Susannah Baker says:

      That is so kind, Shelby – thank you! I am so thankful the Lord has crossed our paths as well. Knowing you and your family is a gift.

  607. Scott says:

    Happy Valentines Day!

  608. Susan Ince says:

    That Caroline! She makes me smile.

  609. Mel Tred says:

    As I head out the door to volunteer in the office at my son’s public school, this is exactly what I need to hear!! Wow! I’d rather just stick my head in the ground and let the time pass, but I know I need to be bubbling over with His fragrance. Thank you!!

  610. Reichen says:

    So sweet!! Thank you for sharing your words and your heart!!

  611. I absolutely love this!

    And right now I am perhaps getting a new scar, so very relevant.

    Being admitted to the hospital tomorrow for African Tick Bite Fever and lymphangitis and some other infections with it. One of our pastors told me how when she had ATBF she had to put a syringe in her lymphangitis zones for weeks to drain them, and I was thinking to myself, that sounds crazy painful. I was also thinking about how her legs must have looked like a warzone. But those scars do indeed tell an overcoming story, and gave me some hope too.

    Anyway, this entry just touched me, so wanted you to know- and to say, “Thank you.”

  612. Susan Ince says:

    I love that you are always thinking…although sometimes it scares me how deep your thoughts really go. And I also love the scars on you, as they all tell the story of how very good God is. How He’s worked good for you in every one of them. Those stories told by your scars remind me of God’s goodness and His love for you. I love you, precious daughter.

  613. Bobbye says:

    You, my sweet friend, are His messenger to a weary spirit. β™₯️

    • Sue Caldwell says:

      SIB.. sugar! You are the sweetest,
      smartest and compassionate gal ever!
      God is for YOU and your Hubby.. your hubby lives in a home with alll girls
      haaaa talk about challenges.. haaa

      You are super blessed and I wuv you!

  614. Keanna says:

    Thank you so much for writing this Susannah! I love the part about no matter how many scriptures I memorize etc… I struggle with anxiety, and yes I’ve seen drs and I have receive counseling . Which are grEat tools. However the anxiety lingers. I love this perspective of just embracing it instead of always trying to fix it! Thank u for writing this! Miss u!!

    • Susannah Baker says:

      It’s so good to hear your “voice,” Keanna! I miss you too and think of you often. Thank you for sharing about your anxiety – praying the Lord shows us both how to navigate the path ahead, embracing our weaknesses. Just know this – His strength was also so beautiful in and through you. I’m thankful for your life and story. Hope you and your family are doing well!

  615. Love that song by George B Shea. And if you want another of similar character, I think of the modern-day equivalent \\\”Give Me Jesus\\\” by Fernando Ortega.

    And did you know my life verse is Psalm 37:5? So yeah, definitely \\\’connected\\\’ here today.

    Thank you for being vulnerable my friend. The truth sets people free.

    Love you, I thank God for you and know that I\\\’m blowing kisses and praying prayers for you from here in Mozambique.

    • Susannah Baker says:

      I’m so glad to know that’s your life verse – it fits your life beautifully. Thanks for modeling to me what it means to feed on God’s faithfulness. I’m receiving those kisses and prayers all the way in Houston! I love you!

    • Mary Shannon says:

      Give me Jesus is one of my very fav songs! Can’t listen to it without tears streaming down my face! Sun, what courage it took to write this post. I am so very proud of you. Depression is a dark place at times, but it is absolutely a gift from God. God has used it in a powerful way in my life. I would love to talk and hear what is going on in detail. Know that I will make time to talk whenever you are available.

      • Susannah Baker says:

        Thank you, Mary – I would love to connect soon! So thankful for you and your beautiful story!

  616. “Greasy mom hair that hasn’t been washed in four days, tired bags under my eyes, and melasma spots on my face from pregnancy and too much time out in the sun….”

    Well, other than the pregnancy part (mine got there without that), I totally related and connected with you. It hit home especially now as even though our son goes to school in the morning, it is a new school where he is actually required to learn, and since he is 21 years old and only in the 9th grade, that means the afternoons and evenings are basically us home-schooling him. (Many Mozambican schools are just about memorization and showing up . And that refers to the students, not the teachers, as one of my young adult orphan friends was reminding me yesterday that in 11th grade one of her teachers showed up only 4 times in the entire school year…and no, that is not a misprint, and no, she was not kidding, and yes I just wrote a terribly long run-on sentence.)

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for sharing these thoughts because they did indeed bring about connection and illuminate truth. Also, as a writer and former journalist, I wanted you to know that the majority of successful writers actually started later in life, so you are early on that timeline…so be encouraged!

    Also, I know you aren’t looking for compliments, but I must say, you are a beauty and a stunner. Even in your greasiest hair and makeupless splotchy skin days, I know your beauty shines through, because it is intrinsic. Your natural beauty is breath-taking and pure and shines through regardless.

    And yes, I know your interior beauty is of much more importance, but as it is with many women with natural beauty, they aren’t even aware of how gorgeous they are. Not to take away from your message, but my friend, you are beautiful inside and out. But of course, even if you weren’t blessed with good genes (your entire family could be on a magazine cover), I would still love and appreciate you just as fiercely. (Maybe on your tired frazzled days, you can see yourself as “a beautiful mess.”)

    By the way, I am so glad to know that I am not the only one who goes 4 days without washing her hair…I am in good company if that puts me with you!

    • Susannah Baker says:

      Wow – your words are so humbling and encouraging, Melinda – thank you. You are a hero and role model to me in every way, and I still hope one day to be just like you. Keep saving me a place in Mozambique…and I’m thankful to know they will accept greasy hair no-shower-for-four-days people there too. Love you much.

  617. Teri says:

    I’ll never understand how you don’t see yourself as beautiful. Since the first day I saw you (at one of Josh’s 9th grade baseball games) I thought you were stunning–with no makeup on. For real.

  618. Leigh Kohler says:

    This might be the best thing I have ever read in my entire life! I am so grossed out by Jason eating the snake, but somehow it’s awesome at the same time. This is such an important and life-giving message. My day will be better on Sunday for having read this!:) Thanks for taking the time to pen this!

    • Susannah Baker says:

      So thankful for you, Leigh! And you said it best – grossed out and awe-inspiring all at the same time. Only a Baker boy…

  619. Sarah Geyer says:

    Oh my word. I hadn’t heard this story yet. I don’t think I can ever look at Jason the same again. He ate a snake. A live one. I really have no words, which is something for me. But a big AMEN to absolutely no food prep whatsoever. πŸ˜‰

  620. Cindy says:

    Wow, Wow, Wow- the adventures of the Baker family never cease! How can he ever top this? Aside from the snake (what kind was it anyway?), thanks for these wise words. I too am learning about expectations. At the end of the day, God is the only one who will meet them 100%, and sometimes His ways can be as surprising as a snake!

    • Susannah Baker says:

      I sure wish I knew what kind of snake it was; I’m just thankful it wasn’t poisonous! And you are so right – God is the ONLY one who fully meets our expectations! You have modeled that beautifully for me. I love you!

  621. Elizabeth Ann Dains says:

    I am crying!!!!! that is hilarious and SO gross all at the same time!

  622. Annette Bishop says:

    “A bathing suit coverup”<—– BBAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!Oh I am DYING!!!! Our sweet men, you are not alone! And the snake…. BLESS!!! Thank you for the good literal LAUGH OUT LOUD and the beautiful LESSON!

  623. Reichen says:

    Loved this! Thanks for keeping it real and inspiring! Happy Mother’s Day to one of the best, most amazing, bravest, loving, God-fearing women I know! Loveyou, Susannah

  624. Gregg Matte says:

    This is great!!! Hilarious!!
    You are an amazing writer, your kids are precious and your husband is crazy!

    • Susannah Baker says:

      You are right, Pastor Gregg – my husband is crazy! If you ever need him to do a demonstration from the pulpit on snake eating, I’m sure he would be happy to oblige πŸ™‚

  625. Susan Ince says:

    Love reliving this snake eating drama. I remember thinking, “Wow, Jason, I didn’t know you had it in you… Eating a snake!!! And now you have a story about how you got your ipad that will be handed down to your great grandchildren. And by that time, you WILL have more time to get ready for church on mother’s day.

  626. Reichen Beaver says:

    love, love, love…here’s to a refreshing and restoring the soul summer!

  627. Susan Ince says:

    Hood reminders no matter what age you are

  628. Cindy says:

    Hi Susannah- I appreciate this post. My variation on your theme came to me during an especially hard time. When Michelangelo pondered sculpting his magnificent statue of David, he started with a chunk of marble- hard, undoubtedly with rough, ugly edges, certainly not inherently beautiful. But under the hands of this master, it became something we consider a masterpiece today. I am that hunk of ugliness, but I am flesh with nerves and blood, hard and with rough edges. I have a Master, who has fabulous plans for me, but it requires me to allow Him to sculpt me, to shape me, often through difficulty. And it hurts and is messy. But I know He is working on something beautiful and magnificent, creating me in His image. I just need to keep my eyes on Him and not on the mess around me.
    How is your house project? Hopefully getting close to completion. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and sweet family with us.

    • Susannah Baker says:

      Thanks so much for your comments and insight, Cindy. Statue work is never easy, but the finished work is beautiful. That is my hope through all of the tumbling and carving!

  629. Dottie Kirkland says:

    Susannah, I thoroughly enjoyed this post. You have a gift for writing and conveying a great message in a way that is memorable.
    I can recall life when the tumbler applied to me. It is a great lesson…..thank you for this.

    Enjoy your July of rest and relaxation.
    ❀️ Dottie

    • Susannah Baker says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Dottie! It is always good to hear your “voice”; I hope you are enjoying summer as well. I love you so!

  630. Bevelry Reed says:

    I once wrote a short essay about the rock tumbler, much like your analogy here. God’s the Rock Tumbler Master, life is the tumbler, rocks are the people, Jesus is the water, the Holy Spirit the grit. I’ve lost it and now I’m trying to get my thoughts together. You have written about it well here. Thank you.

  631. Rachel H. says:

    I’m so excited to start this study. However, I’ve been a little discourage as to how to access your audio seession with it. Vimeo is saying that the videos don’t exist anymore. I didn’t know how to contact you, especially since this post is a little older, but I hope it reaches you! I’m looking forward to this time with the Lord and growth i pray it will inspire.

    • Susannah Baker says:

      I’m so sorry to just now reply, Rachel – I was having so many issues with people being able to watch the Videos on Vimeo, so I posted them all to my YouTube channel. They should all be easily accessible on there for free. Please let me know if you cannot find them and need the specific address. I think you should be able to type in my name on YouTube, and they should come up.

  632. Megan Hughes says:

    I’ve often wondered about what Ted’s life looks like after meeting him at Kanakuk in 1994 and then learning to f his accident. I know this post is 6 years old now, but I’m glad to know just a glimpse of the beauty in his life in reading about Melissa. A True Heart , indeed.

    If you read this, please pass on my joy to them.
    Megan Bergman Hughes

  633. Stacey says:

    Beautifully written with so much grace, wisdom, and encouragement! Thank you for sharing. I needed to hear it!

  634. MMM says:

    This was soooooo good!!! Love this, Susannah!!!

  635. Hilarie says:

    Thank you for this. I’m totally not cut out to homeschool and never imagined I’d be forced to do it and work from home as a single mom. Yet here I am. We have come up with a daily plan and we are moving forward. I love the idea of starting with prayer. I know my son will fight it and yet when we have our prayer time together he still snuggles and loves me to read to himβ€”β€”he’s 14 and almost my height.
    I think I can do this. Thank you for your wisdom.

  636. Diane Van Zandt Chambers says:

    So smart and helpful. Excellent information!!

  637. Mary Shannon Ratliff says:

    Oh my goodness, Sus! Thank you so much. Since we have specifically made the decision to “not homeschool”, this uncertain time brings overwhelm. I admire those who have made the decision to teach their kids at home, but have always felt mom/teacher didn’t go together for me. Thank you for sharing things you have learned and writing them in such a way as to encourage us we can do this. I might read this post everyday. Super helpful!

    • Susannah Baker says:

      Your kiddos are blessed to have you as their teacher for these next few weeks – you would be so much FUN!!!

  638. Teri says:

    And if any of your readers need tutoring, please call 713-899-1240—Axiomatic tutors are the BEST (and wonderful Christian men and women to boot). ALL businesses are hurting so much, so I know these tutors would love to jump in and help if needed (and they can tutor remotely during this “rona” virus)!

  639. Reichen Beaver says:

    Thank you!! I needed this…so good! You are an incredible mom!

  640. lauren baker says:

    Thank you, Susannah!