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Podcast: Unique Ability

Earlier this week, I posted a blog about your unique ability – what it is and why you should make time to do it. But someone else I know speaks into that topic way better than I ever could – and that someone is my husband, Jason Baker. Jason was featured as a guest on David Park’s podcast, Faithful Venture, several weeks ago where he talks about his role in the real estate world, why it’s important to operate out of your unique ability, and the joy of being involved with The Seed Company, a Bible translation ministry that works to put God’s Word into the hands and heart of every tongue, tribe, people, and nation.

The podcast was just too good not to share, and I pray you are just as encouraged by listening as I was!

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  1. Bobbye says:

    Sweet Susannah…the Lord has smiled down on you with such blessings! To have such a godly man as Jason to bolster you up spiritually is the greatest blessing. He holds your hand and reminds you of how Christ loves the church. Your daughters have such a great example of what they’ll seek out in a husband. What a joy it is for me to see your love for Christ and each other in action! I’m so grateful for you!

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