For a Generation


For a Generation


Restored life comes through healing the real pain and brokenness from the past. We don’t bury the past, forget the past, or linger too long in the past, but we bring the past to Jesus and let Him transform our pain through the healing power of His Spirit and Word. Our greatest sorrows become the seeds for our greatest joys as we learn to see our past through a different lens.


We want to come alongside people in their stories to help them:

Remember the past.
Restore the soul.
Rebuild the ruins.
Reshape the family.

We believe Restoration for our Generation happens one story, one soul, one person, and one family at time
….beginning with you and me.


We are a group of women who are learning that restoration doesn’t happen through being perfect people but by being honest people who bring all of our sin, short-comings, and brokenness to Jesus and lay it at His feet. Our lives are transformed as we encounter Jesus and daily surrender to His Spirit and His Word. We want to give as many people as possible this same opportunity to encounter Jesus and allow Him to transform their stories as well.


Restore Through God’s Word

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Restore Through Prayer

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Restore Through Community

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and Let the Restoration Begin

How To Turn Loss Into Gain

God desires to use the loss in our lives to produce great gain.

While that’s not always the news we want to hear, it’s the news we need to hear. I know at least I do.

Sometimes we need help to put words to all of our loss and process it through the lens of God’s faithful love.

So here is a free tool to help you do just that.

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