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It’s Here!

On August 25, 2016, Posted by , in Waiting on the Lord, With 9 Comments

Drum roll, please!….Waiting on the Lord is ready for presale today!  Click on this link to order your copy from Barnes and Noble, and don’t forget to share the link with your family and friends as well!  The link is also available on the Bible Studies page of this website.

Consider hosting a small group at your house this Fall and going through Waiting on the Lord together.  Or use it as your personal devotional material and go through the study on your own.

Remember that when you purchase a copy, you will have access to a code in the back of book to download all of the audio sessions that go with the study for free.  Click here to check out the audio sessions that are available with the purchase of the book.

But whether you work through Waiting on the Lord by yourself or in a group, my prayer is that God uses it in each of you to draw you to Himself and to show you that He is worth the wait, whatever it is that you are waiting for.

“My soul waits in silence for God only; from Him is my salvation.”  Psalm 62:1

9 Comments so far:

  1. Your mom says:


  2. Mollie says:

    Praise Him! Susannah, I am so excited about this! A few summers ago your amazing bookshelf introduced me to Andrew Murray’s book of prayers entitled “Waiting on God” and I fell in love with waiting as an act of worship! Thanks for planting seeds. SO excited to begin this study!!!

  3. Lindsay E. says:

    So excited for how The Lord Will use this study!

  4. Reichen Beaver says:

    Congratulations Susannah! Can’t wait to do this study this fall. Thank you for your precious words! May God continue to show up just as you need Him to! Way to go friend!!!

  5. Rachel H. says:

    I’m so excited to start this study. However, I’ve been a little discourage as to how to access your audio seession with it. Vimeo is saying that the videos don’t exist anymore. I didn’t know how to contact you, especially since this post is a little older, but I hope it reaches you! I’m looking forward to this time with the Lord and growth i pray it will inspire.

    • Susannah Baker says:

      I’m so sorry to just now reply, Rachel – I was having so many issues with people being able to watch the Videos on Vimeo, so I posted them all to my YouTube channel. They should all be easily accessible on there for free. Please let me know if you cannot find them and need the specific address. I think you should be able to type in my name on YouTube, and they should come up.

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