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On September 11, 2015, Posted by , in Motherhood, With 5 Comments

imageCan grandmothers of the world explain this to me:

When I was little, my mother NEVER let me look at Barbies, much less play with them.

So why in the world would my daughter come home with this book from the local public library used book sale with THIS in her hands, bouight for her by her grandmother??

Gotta love grandmothers…and we sure do love ours!!!


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  1. Carri Moore says:

    YES – we can relate! We have been told from Brian’s dad that being a grandparent means they get to say “yes” to the grandkids for everything they had said “no” to their own kids. Guess we just have to hang on during the wild adventure of parenting until we earn that title of being a Grandparent! Grandparents are the best!!

  2. cara says:

    HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I know what grandmother that was bc the other grandmother wouldn’t even let her girl have a cabbage patch kid…. much less a barbie! I settled for a plastic faced doll. I think I even paid Teresa to make an outfit for it so I didn’t have to take it to the party naked!
    Great blog… great question!?!?!?!?!

  3. Mia Ince says:

    Actually, I finally DID let you have a barbie doll and when I did, you played with it for about a week and then never looked at it again! As for the book….well it was the only book she saw that she really wanted and well….what’s a grandmother to do??!!!

  4. Teresa Medeiros says:

    Great pictures !
    Mia Grace fits right in with the family . Wow what a blessing ! Love you all .

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