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Garden Hotel Guangzhou

On July 13, 2015, Posted by , in Adoption, Adoption Journey, With 13 Comments

In just four hours, at 2pm Guangzhou time and 1am Houston time, we will meet our guide, Lily, in the lobby of our hotel to go to get Mia Grace. We have a few hours to kill before then, so I wanted to give you the low down on where we are staying in Guangzhou and will be for the next twelve days.

Before I do that, though, I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the comments you all are leaving. Jason and I read each and every one, and most of them bring me to tears. The support, encouragement, and excitement we feel from friends and family back home is overwhelming in the best sort of way. Thank you for eagerly and prayerfully waiting alongside of us!

When we pulled up to our hotel yesterday, we were so pleasantly blown away! The Garden Hotel is beautiful, and our apartment for the duration of our stay here will make the transition with Mia Grace so much easier than expected. Thank you, Simi, and everyone at Living Hope Adoption Agency for taking such good care of us!

Here we are in the lobby of the hotel:image

I was advised by several people who had traveled to China to make sure to bring some sort of breakfast bar or food for the girls since rice and fish isn’t usually high on the American breakfast menu. So here are the ten pounds of oatmeal packets I packed for us for breakfast:

And here is a picture of our leftovers from breakfast this morning (and yes, that is a donut):image
So much for instant oatmeal! I think I will leave the packets here as a souvenir for whoever wants them!

Here are two final pictures of our hotel: the shelf in Mia Grace’s room where her things are waiting for her. So many of you have contributed to what’s on that shelf – thank you Jenny, Aunt Robin, and Jacky, just to name a few!:

And finally, here are Mia Grace’s things, ready to be packed into her diaper bag for today.

The next time I post, we will have a baby in our arms, Lord willing! My stomach is in knots, but my heart is at peace, thanks to so many of your prayers and the goodness of our great God!
Much love to each of you, The Bakers

13 Comments so far:

  1. CrazyAuntAnn says:

    I’ve followed you every step on the way. God speed today.

  2. Lauren Baker says:

    Praising God for this day!!

    Lord, thank you for your goodness and faithfulness. Thank you for arranging this day before any of the Bakers knew. I pray for Mia Grace as she meets her family for the very first time. I pray you give her peace, comfort and joy as she is united with Susannah, Jason, Lillian, Lizzie and Caroline.

  3. Traci says:

    I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow & see this beautiful new face and expanded Baker family! You are now just a couple hours away…can’t imagine your excitement! Love all of you so much !

  4. Kimberly says:

    I can hardly rest thinking that while we are sleeping you are actually meeting MIA GRACE!! Thank you for the detailed updates and pics, it’s been fun for us to read (inspiring too)!! Looking forward to the next post. 😉

  5. Teri Bono says:

    Why do I want to set my alarm for around 3 am in hopes there will be an update with photos?????????? (I think I just might!)

  6. McDaniel family says:

    We are so excited we can hardly stand it. Please know you are being prayed for as we longing look across the street multiple times a day.

    We CANNOT wait to meet the newest addition to Mickey Way! Peace and Grace to you all during this time of transition.

    Mia Grace we love you already!

  7. Amy moody says:

    I cannot sleep anticipating the amazing miracle that is about to take place in Guangzhou . Praising the Lord that your sweet girl will be in your arms in a few hours!! What Joy! Thankful for the provision of extra space and asking the Lord to create a supernatural bond within the walks of that apartment these next 12 days! We love you!!

  8. Kathy says:

    In tears over here! So excited! GOD is love! God IS love! God is LOVE!!! Oh te goodness and beauty of our Lord! Precious and sacred gift of adoption! Praying for this day!

  9. Robin says:

    Tearing up seeing the girls in their dresses! I should’ve lent you Baby Susannah’s 12-18 mo dress in case MG is tiny! I might just make aves and susu wear theirs tomorrow though they would probably mutiny at long sleeves in July.

    Wish we were there and CANNOT wait to see your next post. Seriously. Binge watching White Collar on Netflix if I can’t sleep tonight!;) xoxo

  10. Cara says:

    Seeing Mia Grace’s new “things” organized on that shelf made the tears come down my cheeks! Susu, the Lord has equipped you so perfectly and sweetly with each detail. I know sleeping tonight will not be easy…. I can hardly wait to see pictures of Mia Grace FINALLY in y’all’s arms!!

  11. Jennifer Ramirez says:

    I haven’t slept through the night since y’all left. Jack Bauer 🙂 has been tracking you all and waiting for updates. I check my emails constantly and awake with every new alert with one eye open to read your latest post in the dark. No doubt I’ll be up early today! We are praying for you all and sending our love!

  12. Elizabeth Dains says:

    It is almost 1 am and I am so looking forward to an update when I wake up for baby Brock’s next feeding! God is so good! Praying for a joyous meeting! You are meeting your daughter today!!!!!!!!!

  13. Bobbye says:

    I asked the Lord to waken me at 1:30 am and, faithful that He is, my eyes popped open at 1 and my heart leapt imagining y’all with Mia Grace! Tears from a grateful heart flowed, realizing how you must feel finally having her in your arms. I’ve read every update since you left and I can hardly wait to see pictures! What a blessed baby girl for God to have chosen HER to be your #4!!! Love and prayers continue as the transition to a family of SIX begins. God has gone every step before you and is smiling as He continues this journey of love and grace by your side. I’m giddy!!!

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