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Down for the Count

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Down for the Count

On July 13, 2015, Posted by , in Adoption, Adoption Journey, With 26 Comments


My favorite moment of the day was after dinner (she ate and ate and ate…squash, zucchini, pork, rice, cantaloupe…we all literally stared at her for over an hour as she steadily devoured everything on her plate). We gave her a bath, gave her a bottle, and began reading the Scriptures and praying over her. She was asleep within minutes, as were all of my other girls as well. Our arms and hearts are full. Thank you for walking the day’s journey with us. We love and appreciate each of you,
The Baker 6

26 Comments so far:

  1. Kristen says:

    She is so loved! Love you all!

  2. Bobbye says:

    The posts can’t come quickly enough! What a magical time. The Father is well pleased. Don’t you know He’s smiling at this sweet family He’s created?

    Sweet dreams, Susu! You are so loved!

  3. Amy moody says:

    Sussanah wow!!! She is so beautiful. And that the Lord saved you a huge surprise blessing in her surgery having already been completed. Thank you Lord for being a God of provision and for doing immeasurably more for us than we could ever hope or imagine!!!

  4. Stacy says:

    I have loved following your journey to Mia Grace….thank you for taking us with you via your blog! She is so beautiful…Thanking the Lord for the way He has so beautifully gone before you and has chosen that precious little girl to be a part of your family. So grateful yall have each other. Love you all!

  5. Marian Ellis says:

    So happy for you. Praying for a quick bond of the family and that she becomes a Baker in her heart so very soon. Love seeing this long wait come to fruition!

  6. Cimbrey Brannan says:

    Susannah and Jason! We are overjoyed to see you all together at last. Beautiful! God is writing a glorious story with your lives. It is precious to see you all love Mia Grace in these pictures. Keep posting! We love to see y’all! Miss you!

  7. Mia Ince says:

    The picture says it all…resting in the grace, peace and provision of our amazing Lord, Jehovah Jireh; The God Who Provides. Everything.

    Sleep well.
    Love you so.

  8. Joanna says:

    What a joy to see your arms full!! She is adorable and oh so loved! Cannot wait to meet her!

  9. Teri B. says:

    OMWORD, that photo! Crying tears of joy for your family, Susannah & Jason!

  10. Jacky says:

    Love this! Thank you for letting us share this journey with yall

  11. Bob Douponce says:

    Jason, really brings back the memories and emotions from 7 years ago. beautiful family!

  12. Kathy says:

    Perfect peace! Our hearts are full!

  13. Amy G says:

    What a beautiful family of six!!! I am praising the Lord for bringing Mia Grace into your family. Thank you for sharing the journey, your posts have been amazing! We love you guys!

  14. Allison says:

    She is absolutely precious Susannah!! What a wonderful gift!! We are praying for y’all as you transition to a family of 6!

  15. The Rouse House says:

    I love seeing God’s blessings at every turn! His provision for each of you brings my heart great joy! Keep the posts coming – we love following your journey. Sweet dreams Baker 6!

  16. Haley says:

    She already knows how loved she is. That is priceless.

  17. Elizabeth Dains says:

    Sweet girl!!!! This is the best picture ever!!!!!

  18. Popsie says:

    Oh, my. Just too good to be true — except that it is!! So happy for all of you, Sweetie, this is truly a blessed event, and your family is blessed as well. Thanks so much for the pictures. Can’t wait to hold all of you again — including Mia Grace for the first time. God is truly good.

    All my love,


  19. Kendall says:

    Our family has pored over ever picture and are over the moon excited for you! We celebrate the six of you today! Thankful that we serve a God of completion! Love you all!

  20. Amy says:

    Rejoicing with you and the family God has created !!! Glory to His Name! And thank you for your example of trusting Him and living His grace!

  21. Holly says:

    She is simply beautiful and the completion pic of your family all together is priceless. My heart is full for you! And happy tears, too, for the sweetness of this precious child. She is loved both near and far!

  22. taylor says:

    my favorite photo of Jason ever. what a picture

  23. Sarah says:

    Love love love this photo! Praising God for his faithfulness, for all the answered prayers and for your sweet family! She looks so peaceful!

  24. Carol Taylor says:

    I am late joining in on the journey! Now I have read through the whole trip – What anticipation, what excitement, what joy!! Thanks so much for taking us on this journey with you!! There are no words to describe the emotions I am feeling; you are teaching us so much!! This is such a beautiful picture of a family surrounding this precious little one with love, God’s love!! It appears that she is resting in this love, soaking it all in. Praise God!!

  25. Laura says:

    Overwhelmed with joy for you guys. Such a beautiful love story, thank you for sharing these sacred glimpses of a changed life. I am in love with Mia Grace!

  26. Kathe Baker says:

    Susannah and Jason – I am totally absorbed in God’s story with you all and Mia Grace. Beautiful, totally beautiful – I can’t stop reading the blog, looking at the pictures and watching the video of you seeing her for the first time. yesterday I could only praise God all day long for your union with her and for the picture this adoption is of God’s love for each of us. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us so that we can know God’s great love even more. I cannot wait to meet Mia Grace!!!!! love you all – kathe

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