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Waiting on the Lord

Susannah Baker

wotl bookIn a world that is constantly changing, as women, we are always waiting for something. We look into the mirror and wait for beauty that does not fade.  We look into our souls and wait for an identity and a place that is secure.  We look into our families and wait for healing from the hurts of the past.  And we look into our present and wait for spouses to change, children to come, and longings to be satisfied.

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Known: A Mother’s Journey Through Psalm 139

Suannah Baker


Known 3dThe desire to be known, fully and authentically, is embedded deeply within every human heart. Perhaps at no other season in a woman’s life is the desire to be known, recognized, and loved as strong as when she is in the midst of carrying a baby, nurturing an infant, and caring for small children.  But this is usually when women feel the most unknown.  Undesirable.  Unrecognized. Unheard.  And unappreciated.